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Elf Academy 4 - The Unfinished Tales  by Fiondil 552 Review(s)
SweetpeaDeepdelverReviewed Chapter: 59 on 9/3/2021
I don't know if you all are around anymore to read this, but I needed to say thank you. I first discovered Fiondil's work as a teenager, on the cusp of the great wide world. I avidly followed his work and mourned him when we all heard of his (far too soon) passing away.

Now I'm married, with a kid, and I've come a very long way since those early days. As I was breastfeeding, I came back to the Elf Academy series for the first time (I believe) since Fiondil's passing. His world is just as rich and as vibrant as ever and I miss his bi-weekly updates in ways I haven't in years.

I completely understand if this is all we will ever get. Thank you for all your work. Eru be with you all and Fiondil will be in my prayers.

Rangerfan58Reviewed Chapter: 59 on 3/2/2021
I hope you feel well enough to continue the story soon since I am enjoying it, though I understand that health comes before anything else. I was also wondering about two other things which I can no longer ask the original author due to his death and thus must ask you who have continued his story these questions . I was wondering if I could archive these stories on a website called Archiveofourown, also known as AO3 if you thought he would permit it. The other thing I wanted to ask about is, if you think he would permit it if I could write a story based on this part of Chapter 35 of Stirrings of Shadow,including this part and naturally mentioning the original author.
He and Glorfindel were of an age with one another, both scions of Noldorin nobility, though Glorfindel was probably closer to the Noldorin royal family than he. The ironic thing, of course, was that their two families hated each other. Thandir chuckled at that thought. He wondered what his adar would think if he knew that his only son now took orders from the son of his hated rival. Yet, so much had changed with the Rebellion. He stopped, his thoughts taking a strange turn.

It was the HelcaraxŽ that changed them. He and Glorfindel had eagerly joined the Rebellion under the banners of Lord ArafinwŽ and his sons, but the antagonism of their respective families proved too much and Glorfindel had attached himself to TurucŠnoís banner, leaving Thandir to follow Lord FindarŠto. Yet, in spite of their initial mistrust of one another, each had had the opportunity to save the life of the other during the Crossing and while they never became friends (at least then), they had done what none of their elders had been able to do: they had made peace between themselves.

When, centuries later, news came to him of Glorfindelís death as he helped succor the refugees from fallen Gondolin, Thandir had wept. When, nearly thirteen hundred years later, Glorfindel had stepped upon the quay at Mithlond and made his way to Gil-galadís court, Thandir had wept again, though for different reasons....

Upon entering Aran Gil-galadís court and seeing Thandir standing in attendance beside Lord Celeborn, Glorfindel smiled so brilliantly, his joy so completely unadulterated, that Thandir did not know where to look and felt unaccountably ashamed. He only looked up when he felt Glorfindel take him into his arms and give him the kiss of one kinsman to another.

"Iím glad to see a familiar face, Cousin," the golden-haired ellon whispered to him. Then he stepped back, giving him a searching look. "Art thou mine enemy?" he said unexpectedly, asking the question he had asked Thandir all those centuries past when neither knew if they would survive the frozen hell which they were crossing.

Thandir shook his head and then did the only thing he could think of: he knelt before this Reborn ellon, offering Glorfindel his knife. "If thou seest an enemy before thee, lord, let him be slain," he whispered the words he had said all those long yťni ago. "Yet if in thy heart thou seest a friend, let this knife be witness to our pledge of amity."

For a long moment Glorfindel did not move and Thandir was acutely aware of Gil-galadís court looking on with undisguised curiosity at the tableau before them. Then Glorfindel took the knife from Thandirís hands and with a single motion sliced his palm before returning the knife to its owner. Without breaking eye contact with Glorfindel, Thandir sliced his own palm and then they joined hands.

"Let the Valar be our witnesses that in the mingling of our blood I see naught but a friend before me," Glorfindel intoned softly, a gentle smile on his face.

"As do I," Thandir said, repeating the same words he had spoken under the silent regard of the shimmering curtains of light that were ever present in their trek across the Ice. Then Glorfindel pulled him up into a tight embrace again and Thandir wept....
I do understand and will respect your wishes if you deny me my requests, and if you wish to contact me privately you can find me on AO3 and under this penname

atealgirlReviewed Chapter: 8 on 11/9/2020
Hi, I don't normally leave reviews, but as I was rereading this chapter I got thinking about Morwen and what role she might play in future parts of the story. Maybe she could be a love interest for Glorfindel and what ends up stopping him from fading? I love Fiondil's universe and it has changed how I look at the rest of Tolkien's world.

CamReviewed Chapter: 59 on 12/5/2019
I'm really glad to learn that you're still alive (you don't get to say that often)! I'm so sorry you've had such an unbelievably difficult few years. That is so much to bear. For what it's worth, you are certainly in my prayers. Thank you for the work you've done to keep Authur's legacy alive. I still come back to his works right along. It's hard to believe it's been so long since his passing. I was still in high school back then, now I'm married and about to enter grad school. His stories hold so many fond memories for me - I sincerely hope we get to see the rest if his 'vault' someday. Regardless, I really do so, so appreciate that you've put this much work into passing his drafts on and finishing his stories. Thank you for the update - I hope this upcoming year and every one after is far kinder to you.

ShemyazaReviewed Chapter: 59 on 10/2/2019
Hi everyone, no, I am not writing from beyond the grave, the rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! I'm not even sure where they started.

It is true that I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in May 2011 and I had to have chemo and then a stem cell transplant, but I have been in remission now since 2012.

Unfortunately there is an aftermath of that kind of treatment, skin and gut issues, bone issues from having had to take steroids for the skin, gut issues which led to me being diagnosed with osteoporosis. My spine is crumbling and since 2016, I have been in and out of hospital with spine operations. Unfortunately the ops didn't work and the past three years I have been dealing with the fact that I am in a lot of pain and my mobility is less.

The last operation was Spinal Decompression which didn't work and now there is nothing they can do to help the spine. I am still walking, I just have a lot of pain and have to rely on painkillers. I'm sure quite a lot of you know how debilitating that can be. I have to take Vitamin D and Alendronic Acid which is a bone hardener in an attempt to halt the damage to my lower spine. In addition to all this, my dear sister died on October 24 2017 and it was a huge blow to both her family and me. I am still not over that. I am still grieving.

None of this has been conducive to writing and my own writing has suffered. However, I am slowly getting a handle on all of this and hopefully I can at least do some writing of my own.

I'd like to thank those who left messages about my 'demise', when Ellie told me, I actually laughed at the idea considering how hard I have fought to remain alive for the past 8 years. As you can see I am very much alive.

Fiondil's last story, does have two or three chapters which he had written but not published. I will try to post those.

Still alive and kicking!

elrondionReviewed Chapter: 59 on 9/28/2019
truly sorry to hear about Shemyazza's passing. in the spirit of her monumental effort and fiondel's obvious desires i have a request. if Shemyazza's and fiondel's notes still exist, would it be possible to post them here of on a third party site? this would give those of us who have been following along, the opportunity to see where this incredible story was going. it could stand as a final memorial to both of them.

AnnEllspethRaven Reviewed Chapter: 59 on 9/23/2019
I am so sorry to hear that Shemyazza passed six months ago. Everyone at SWG is mourning her passing. Also, this work will not be completed or updated.

Midnight PromiseReviewed Chapter: 59 on 9/21/2019
I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who had a hand in posting these remaining chapters. Fiondil's work has brought a lot of hope and peace to people. I so wish we could have access to his computer and see what else he had in store for us!

I hope you are well in your lives. <3

KevanaReviewed Chapter: 59 on 6/3/2019
I keep thinking of Arthur lately and came back to revisit his works. Iím very thankful theyíre still hosted here, and that his friends were able to post the last unfinished tales. Thank you so very much for doing so.

I miss him. Even people you only know in passing really do make a big impact in your life in ways you could never have imagined. He was an amazing person.

I hope that his friends here are all well and living your best lives. Blessings to you and take care of yourselves. <3

AranadhelReviewed Chapter: 59 on 12/11/2018

What's the update, please?

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