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Elf Academy 4 - The Unfinished Tales  by Fiondil 23 Review(s)
DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/6/2016
Oh dear! Nope, not happening. Along with others I think that this is probably some fever-dream Glorfindel is having.

Father Charles insistence that Glorfindel has to BELIEVE those supposedly killed are alive seems to be a clue. Like everyone else, I'm beginning to wonder just how much of this story so far has actually happened.

But this is exciting, and the story is breaking new ground...

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/1/2016
This chapter had a surreal feeling to it. Glorfindel's time slips and then all the dead. Somehow, I don't think they are all dead. It's a bit too much. I know accidents can happen, but to have at least 5 people killed in accidents within a few days seems odd. I have a bad feeling over the expedition to retrieve the talisman. Glorfindel should speak up and say something to his friends. In my opinion, he is not in a fit state for anything until his mind is sorted out.

kathareinReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/25/2016
Comfort ye, comfort ye, my people. I remember Ellie a few chapters back saying that Fiondil had planned this story very carefully. I draw comfort and estel from that and await further developments. All of you who are saying this is in Glorfindel's mind, I hope you are right. I was reluctantly sucked in until I read this last chapter and your comments. Thank you to Fiondil's family and devoted friends.

VanimeReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/23/2016
Okay, a couple things... I do believe that there are two talismans that could be at play here - either the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail. Whilst the Holy Grail is the most likely of the two (as it is associated with the Knights Templar in regards to "known" history), I believe it is more likely to be the Ark of the Covenant, as that can destroy the Enemy quite sufficiently, and it would be just like Fiondil to have something spectacular for a storyline. :D

Second thing, in regards to this chapter - I feel that Glorfindel is in the clutches of the Enemy (mentally wise). Let me explain my theory.

First, as one of our readers has mentioned in a previous review Derek was in the Navy, and a boating accident seems rather suspicious. Plus Alex and Felicity dying before the baby is born seems rather cruel, no?

Second, the time lapses.. I strongly suspect the Enemy is at play here and no one is aware of it. (By no one I mean everyone on the Good side) When Glorfindel was attacked and lost his ring - he got a duplicate ring to replace the one stolen, correct? As the ring is "linked" to Glorfindel to keep him "in place" - did the first ring get "shut off" by the Valar? Because if the Enemy has the first ring, (which was surmised to be the case in earlier parts of Elf Academy), then it would stand to reason that they are manipulating Glorfindel through the ring, despite him having a second ring on. After all, if Sauron was soul-linked to The One Ring,... well I think you can see where I am going here. Glorfindel's first ring was made by the Valar, and only the Valar can destroy it (a la like how the One was destroyed from "whence it came").

And wouldn't that be something? Because Sauron was able to "follow" his ring when the Fellowship made their journey... G's ring is another GPS device of would certainly explain how the enemy is following them all.

Unless the admins of the story can correct me if I am wrong about G's ring? Especially in regards to the first ring of G. I feel that this is what is potentially going down in the this story, for this chapter at least.

I sincerely hope all is not lost with our elf and mortal friends alike and that no one has died. It would be just awful to think and contemplate over.

I look forward to the next chapter...perhaps G will wake up from a very bad nightmare brought on by a hangover from partying all night. Elves love to party after all. I have to hold on to hope so how...

Hugs and Love,

LyanaReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/23/2016
Wow - what a chapter! Glorfindel's despair is palpable... I wonder if he's wearing his ring - perhaps he's experiencing some kind of psychic break again? Poor guy - with all the weight of the world on his shoulders and love lost, well, I'm hoping it truly is a dream state and he'll pull out of it (or the others will be able to pull him out of it) soon. He better not be fading - Namo would be most put out!

ErulisseReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/23/2016
Wow, the time gaps Glorfindel is experiencing are really stunning, but having Charles in the church was wonderful. I'm already looking forward to next week's posting.

- Erulisse (one L)

AragarthielReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/22/2016
First, I wanna say how overjoyed I am to see more of Fiondil's work. Thank you so much to Ellie and everyone who's pennames I can't recall at 3am on my phone for making this happen. I've read Fiondil's work for years butbwas always too shy to review, and now I wish I'd expressed my love for every little detail he poured into his work. I was sincerely effected by his passing, I had taken for granted how much I anticipated his weekly updates and what a substantial part his writings played in my daily life. I've been re-reading his works throughband through hoping to one day see the rest. My heart skipped a beat when I say the first update and anticipating new chapters has made this at once one of the fastest and slowest months since Fiondil's passing. I love that the story is being updated weekly on Monday's, in true Fiondil style.

I agree with Kaylee here. This story has moved at a pace quite unlike any of Fiondil's other works. Too much has happened too fast, too much has taken place offscreen, and there have been far fewer perspective changes. In some places the progession has been uncharacteristically jarring. Almost, dare I say, dreamlike. At first, I chalked it up to the unfinished status of the story, but the last few chapters really give credit to the idea that these events have taken place Glorfindel's head. Perhaps it feels dreamlike precisely because it is a dream.Fiondil is a master storyteller and I certainly wouldn't put it past him to mess with us like that :) haha
Now, to wait until Monday....

Again, thank you all so much!
Please excuse any typos, it's late and my phone is testy.

Reviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/22/2016
I don't think the three year interval has occurred. I think Glorfindel is fading from loneliness; therefore, the reader is experiencing his disjointed and delusional consciousness. I think Glorfindel is fading from unrequited love for Helena.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/22/2016
This constant stream of unreality has me concerned very much. Something appears to be attacking Glorfindel's mind.

nancylea57@yahoo.comReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/22/2016
When I started reading this, I was a little leary because we will not get the story that Fiondil would have polished and buffed so lovingly before releasing it to us but I thought let's ride this dragon as far as he wrote....but his chapter, I can't help but wonder about the foreshadowing. The conversation between Glorfindil and Charles OMG.

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