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Light on the Way  by Larner 61 Review(s)
yIxk3x94Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/20/2016
This info is the cat's pajasam!

TariReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/21/2015
Alas, I have reached the end. Thank you for a wonderful ride.

Author Reply: And thank you for your responses to my writing!

TariReviewed Chapter: 5 on 9/17/2015
Wow! The redemption of Denethor was beautifully handled. He is healed. I never felt the animosity toward him that others felt. Unbeknownst to him, the palantir had him under its control.

Author Reply: At least Sauron, through the offices of the seeing stone, had him enthralled, and used the truths it showed out-of-context to increasingly isolate him and lead him to despair and suspicions of others, even his beloved son.

TariReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/15/2015
Enough already. I'm reading this on my lunch hour at work. People will think I'm crazy if I sit here crying. How were you even able to write it?

Author Reply: This period had to have been so difficult for Arwen. For the first time she has a deep emotional investment in a mortal, enough to appreciate just what true grief is. I just had to explore it further!

TariReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/15/2015
You almost had me weeping. What a beautiful tribute to Aragorn.

Author Reply: Forgive the tardiness of responses. Have been fighting a frightfully sore shoulder, and for the last two months haven't had a lot of tolerance for much writing beyond what was necessary.

I found the Master's description of the death of Aragorn to be so moving, and wanted to explore it a bit further. Thank you so!

WindsingerReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 8/7/2013
I did remember reading this when it first appeared. I really liked it then and still do. How nice to have someone as talented as you, take Tolken's story beyond death. You have done a great job of making at least one version of what waits for us after death seem real and believable. As well as very desirable. Nice job ---- thanks for the re-do (although I would have to compare it to the original to find the changes).

Author Reply: I didn't keep a copy of the original against which to compare this, I fear. Mostly it was cleaning up language usage and removing the majority of initial Ands, and in a few cases making it more obvious who made statements that had not been clearly attributed to any of the conversants.

Thank you so for your kind words. This was one of my first stories, and I rejoice to have it greeted with such kindness as it receives its appropriate editing.

I've never thought of being dead to be that frightening. Now, the process of dying can be pretty awful, of course. But I had to find a way to help Arwen realize that what she'd chosen was nowhere as awful as she'd imagined.

FantasyFanReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 8/7/2013
Larner,thank you for completing and posting this story. A long time in the making, but it is very nice, comforting really, to see that people are still thinking and writing seriously about the world of Middle-earth. I have always enjoyed your thoughtful tales.

I read the whole thing over this morning. And of course I cried through the entire time, which is exactly the wrong reaction. The story is hopeful, more than anything else, a joyful expression of the fulfillment in death. But I cried anyway, selfishly I think, because although death is not the end (I firmly believe that, in or out of middle-earth) there is still great sadness in grief for those of us who have still incomplete vision as living mortals. We miss those who have gone, and the waiting is hard.

Your final deposition of Frodo is interesting. He has become the Nurturer, which I can see as a logical extension from what he was and became. He was a caretaker in life in that he was the ultimate "responsible one", and he rejoices to do this now freed from any burden of guilt or sense of sacrifice. It's a little tough though, to think of each person defined by only one characteristic in the ultimate afterlife. A major part of his character was endurance, despite pain and loss of hope. There's nothing to endure now, nevertheless can't that be somehow acknowledged or celebrated? He was also the "wise one", referring to his judgement I believe, but he also had his own considerable talents as a scholar and historian. Plus, what about his enormous compassion and mercy, pivotal to the success of the quest? I suppose they can all be rolled up into the one designation, yet they are separate character traits. Perhaps we just aren't given enough time with him in this place to see it all. It's interesting to think about, though.

Thanks again for yet one more lovely story.

Author Reply: Thank you so. I began editing this about four years after I wrote it, then set it aside for a time, then finally finished the job last week. I wanted so to finish the story of Arwen and Aragorn, and to give them peace and joy together in their new estate.

I know that both as a parent and as a teacher I've had to practice endurance, hope, frustration, compassion, joy, pain, and wisdom; and my own scholarship was constantly being tested, and particularly by my stepson. All of it goes into nurturing others, I found. I appreciate your frustration that I've apparently limited Frodo to just one aspect of his personality, but I was trying to think of a True Shape that somehow captured all that he was, and this was what I could think of at the time.

Again, thank you so for sharing the thoughts the story inspired in you. I so appreciate knowing that I'm capable of inspiring strong emotion via what I write.

galathReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/7/2013
Oh! Larner what a story! The heartbreak and joy of life,love and death.It was great to have just about every one in this story. Thank you for a gripping and beautiful tale. A speechless Galathil

Author Reply: And thank you for letting me know how this made you feel, Galathil. It was fun working in all our favorite people as well as I might, and I felt that this side of the story needed telling, not just Arwen's grief at losing her husband and her bliss, but her greater joy at learning what comes next!

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 5 on 8/7/2013
It is great to see this wonderful story again.I first came to know and love your writing from this and Aragorn releasing Denethor really stuck in my mind.

Author Reply: I'm so glad that you rejoiced to see this again. I suspect that we create our own hells or purgatories, and that we may need the intervention of others to help us find our way out of them. Denethor had given way to his fears, and must have been caught in the horror of experiencing such a terrible end to this life. I always felt that as much as his suspicions and envy and even fear of Thorongil helped drive him to choose such an end as well as the horrible images Sauron had been feeding him, Denethor would not easily give over his own fantasies until he who had been Thorongil came to assure him of his continued love and respect for the capable being Denethor had been through most of his life.

Thanks so very much, Linda--you know how much I appreciate the feedback.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 12 on 1/23/2009
Snif, this is deffinately a three hanky tale! So sad and yet so joyous!

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