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The Wars of the Valar  by Fiondil 13 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 25 on 9/19/2008
“For a long moment, no one spoke while the Máyar digested that bit of news. Maranwë, Námo noted with approval, even raised himself to his feet to face his lord. "Thou’rt most devious, lord," he said emotionlessly.
Vairë actually snorted at that. "You think?" she asked with an innocent look on her face and several of the Máyar actually snickered. Námo flashed her a smile and a mental kiss before turning his attention back to his People.”

This is one of my favorite parts. I chuckled when Vairë snorted. Námo’s attack on the Dark Ones was great. How sweet revenge can be, at least in this case. As a rule I don’t believe in revenge.

Oh, No!!!! Melkor is back and just when Námo started becoming the Valar I know him to be.

I love this chapter.


Author Reply: A lot of people like this part of the chapter. *grin* Námo was crossing a line though, seeking revenge instead of justice and the ramifications of it will play themsevles out in subsequent chapters. We'll see how Námo handles Melkor in the next chapter.

ImhirielReviewed Chapter: 25 on 5/22/2008
How it must gall to be ignored, when you are so mighty a villain. And then to be roobed of your toys. I could almost pity them. Or not.

What I most liked in this chapter was the calm certainty of Námo, who through all the danger finds himself secure enough to banter with Vairë and to kiss her, while simultaneously dealing with his enemies in perfect ease.

Isn't it odd that even such powerful beings resort to such primitive weapons as stones and fists when anger overcomes reasoning?

Author Reply: Being ignored is not fun, but when you are Evil and you are ignored, or worse, belittled, it's even less fun when you are so used to being the center of attention just because you're Evil.

Námo is beginning to take ownership of himself and so his level of confidence has risen.

Well, weapons as such had not been invented and most of these Beings were as yet unused to being incarnate so they were forced to resort to primitive weapons such as stones and fists for lack of anything else at hand.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 25 on 4/29/2008
WOW - stellar LOL chapter.

I love the humor at the beginning - because of the warning - it made it even more fun to read.... I got shivers when that snot, Rushirithir called Namo 'our little playmate! YUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

And I whooo hoooed and hoorayed and jumped up and down when Namo did what he did to Vaire - and she accepted ! whooohooooo

Oh - and I loved the fact that the 2 could easily hold the other Mayar in place whilst attacking that snot! (I could call him other things but this is a family board :D )

Well, Namo's Mayar accepted his rouse well - I think I would have tried to whack him side of the head! But that's me and then I'd land in Mandos' Halls (even though they weren't quite created yet - I'm sure he'd think of somewhere to stash me for punishment!!!!)

AND - of course - I said a huge YIKES - when I got to the end.... running to read the next chapter since I'm a wee bit late!!!!

Author Reply: I think Námo and Vairë were have way too much fun here, myself. *grin* Glad you enjoyed the chapter so much. I have the feeling Marnawé really wanted to slap Námo silly for his ruse, but remembered at the last minute just who Námo was and so counted to a million really slowly. LOL

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 25 on 4/21/2008
Melkor had to arrive, right? But at least Namo got the job done and Melkor can't do anything about it. If Namo stays in the mood he dealt with the dark Mayar I have no concern that he can deal with Melkor, especially with the support of Vaire.

Namo and Vaire's "playing" with the dark Mayar was kind of comical (throwing whips into the black hole) and scary (Namo punishing/taking revenge on Rushirithir).

The fistfight and throwing rocks part made me go huh? But I guess if you walk around in fea all the time, you don't have belts and pockets for more elaborate weapons and rocks are ubiquitous when you incarnate.

Author Reply: Námo and Vairë 'playing' is indeed both comical and scary. Unfortunately the scary aspect will need to be dealt with eventually. Námo was more into seeking revenge rather than justice at this juncture. When you are usually incarnate, fighting in the flesh would be awkward at first since you are necessarily limited in what you can do. And they really haven't grapsed the idea of physical swords and such so they are forced to use rocks instead. I suspect they will learn more of how to fight on a physical level once the Children appear and they see how they do it.

RadbooksReviewed Chapter: 25 on 4/7/2008
Oh, gee whiz... leave us on a horrible cliff hanger! What kind of author does that to people? Oh, I guess I've been known to do that too! :) This was a great chapter. I LOVED the way Namo and Vaire 'played' with Melkor's Mayar and stripped them of their whips and stuff. Yay for the good guys!

Then the scene on the planet with their own Mayar was very moving - I really like the love between Namo and his people and the interplay you show between them all... love and forgiveness and acceptance.

At least the Variable got changed and now I just have to wait for the confrontation between Namo and Melkor. *shudder* I'm only looking forward to it in the sense that I know it HAS to happen for Namo's sake.

Nicely done!

Author Reply: Thanks, Radbooks. I'm glad you liked this chapter. It is rather exciting, isn't it? I'm afraid though that Námo will suffer a reaction to what he did to the Dark Máyar in seeking revenge rather than justice. Part of the healing process he is still going through. At least his Máyar are fiercely loyal to him and that will help. As for the confrontation with Melkor.... stay tune.

NettlesReviewed Chapter: 25 on 4/5/2008
"Námo, watch out! Melkor’s just arrived!"

Why do i get the felling things are about to get worse *g*

This is such a whondful insightful fic, thanks so much for posting.


Author Reply: You know what they say... it always gets worse before it gets better. *grin* Anyway, I'm glad you are enjoying this tale and find it insightful. Thanks for letting me know.

EdlynReviewed Chapter: 25 on 4/4/2008
Oh, meldonya! You do realise that I'm going to be completely useless at getting anything useful done today after reading this chapter? (It's a good thing I got my homework done early) Melkor's minions certainly underestimated Námo and Vairë. I have to say it was scary to see Námo whaling away at Rushirithir. I was worried that he would get too distracted by his need for revenge against the Valarauco and forget what he needed to be doing but my favorite Vala didn't let me down.

I found several lines that just tickled me:

--"Oh yes," Vairë said. "I weary of these Children interfering with our... um... own fun and games. Maranwë was bad enough, but these...."--

Fun and games with Námo... I read that and my face just about split from my grin.


--For a long moment, no one spoke while the Máyar digested that bit of news. Maranwë, Námo noted with approval, even raised himself to his feet to face his lord. "Thou’rt most devious, lord," he said emotionlessly.

Vairë actually snorted at that. "You think?" she asked with an innocent look on her face and several of the Máyar actually snickered. Námo flashed her a smile and a mental kiss before turning his attention back to his People.--

I would think Maranwë was caught between outrage at being unknowingly used as bait, admiration for his Lord's sneakiness and the remains of his feelings of failure and went with being unemotional rather than have the "wrong" emotion being expressed. And Vairë's comment had me laughing out loud and was a wonderful break from the tension and fearful excitement of the ambush.


--"Now is not a good time, Manwë!"--

Honestly, this line reminded me of Jack O'Neill from "Stargate"? I can hear the frustration and irritation in Námo's voice and his decision to quit playing around.

But the best line was:

--Námo raised an eyebrow at her. *Our People?*--

And there's nothing I need say about that as you are well aware of how I feel about Námo and Vairë's romance.

I found it interesting that the second battle was fought while incarnate. I have to say that seeing the Mayar and Dark Mayar fighting hand to hand and with rocks was rather disturbing to me given that my personal mental images of Tolkien-verse battles are predominantly those of swords, glaives, morning stars, axes, bows and the like. I know that since Arathaphelun hasn't been created yet, smithing and weaponsmaking haven't developed but my brain seems to have problems with keeping that in mind.

Hurrah, the beacons are set! Oh, no! Melkor is here! You certainly know how to end a chapter, meldonya. Now I have to try to get my mind on work... at least it's Friday and there's only a few hours of the afternoon to get through and then I can freely indulge in "what ifs" until you post the next chapter.

A most excellent episode in characterization, plot and description.



Author Reply: Hi Edlyn, I'm glad you found this chapter exciting, if a little never-wracking. I think you're the first reviewer to pick up on Námo's need for revenge and how scary he is going about it. A glimpse of what he could've been like had he fallen along with Melkor.

I'm glad you found some amusing lines: Maranwë's response -- I'm sure he was torn between laughing and wanting to strangle his lord and settled for something in between, which is why Vairë responded as she did. Both Ayanumuz were well aware of what the poor Máyar was feeling right then.

Námo's "Now is not a good time, Manwë" -- I was actually thinking of Han Solo, LOL!, but Jack O'Neill works as well and probably better.

"Our People?" --I'm not sure but I think Vairë was proposing to Námo just then since he's been a little shy (not to mention slow) in doing it himself. *grin*

When the Máyar started fighting in incarnate form I had to ask myself how would they fight and would they fight well when none are really used to doing things in hröa. It is rather a disturbing, but at the same time humorous, picture of these supposedly great Beings (compared to Mortals and even Elves) wrestling ineffectively against each other, almost like mud wrestling without the mud.

Anway, the fight with Melkor in the next chapter will be on a quite different scale of warfare than what we saw here in this chapter. Thanks for reviewin and I'm glad to see you writing longer reviews again. I missed them. *grin*

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 25 on 4/4/2008
Aha! The villain of the piece has come in person this time, has he? Now--to deal with the fool! As Sam would say, those as tries to make themselves boss of all have no plain Hobbit sense--never seem to see as such behavior always leads in the end to failure! Heh!

Author Reply: Very true, Larner. Too bad there weren't any Hobbits around from the very beginning, things might've gone quite differently than they did. *grin*

CesReviewed Chapter: 25 on 4/4/2008
"Námo, watch out! Melkor’s just arrived!" I'm not sure who is the more evil here; Melkor or you! What a cliffhanger!

Námo and Vairë make one heck of a team, don't they? Separately they are each powerful; together they are awesome. And they just casually send the dark máyar into a black hole while still carrying on a conversation was funny!

The next chapter should definitely be interesting! I'm wondering if Manwë et all will be showing up for a ringside seat!


Author Reply: That's me, the king of cliffhangers! LOL

Námo and Vairë do indeed make a formidable pair. And I'm sure Manwë and the other Valar will do more than sell tickets to the show, they'll want to get in on the action as well. *grin*

I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for reviewing.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 25 on 4/3/2008
Oh WOW! The way Námo and Vairë dealt with the Dary Mayar was impressing! So all these minions of Melkor together weren't able to overpower these two? And they reacted so cool to these attacks! It's truly amazing how calm Námo was this time - I wonder if it is because of Vairë? ;-)

And of course, just when it's coming down to Námo vs. Melkor again, there's the next cliffhanger ... ;-(

Author Reply: Yes, the Valar, singly or together, are very impressive and quite powerful, which is why they are Valar and not just Maiar. Námo is a little scary here in the way he deals with the Dark Máyar but he's certainly showing us what he's really made of (and Vairë, too). And of course, we all knew this particular confrontation was long in the making. I'll try not to keep you waiting long. *grin*

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