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The Wars of the Valar  by Fiondil 11 Review(s)
CesReviewed Chapter: 27 on 5/2/2008
I truly do see Atar's point to Námo about Mercy and Judgement, but in all honestly I probably would have done the same to Rushirithir. At least Námo feels true remorse. I really don't know if I would. But then, I guess that is what makes him such a good Ayanuz!

I love seeing the development of Námo. He's such a terrifying character to those on Middle Earth and we get to see another side of him.

Also, your descriptions of the universe, the planets is perfect timing! I'm catching all these great shows on tv right now: Cosmos, Solar Science and The Universe and learning, or should I say re-learning things I was taught in school. The difference being I appreciate it more now!

I'm guessing things won't stay calm for too long - can't have that now, can we?!


Author Reply: I think many of us would agree with Námo's initial assessment that he and Vairë did nothing wrong, but that doesn't mean he's right and at least he has Atar there to show him the error of his way in such a loving manner. My beta, when she read this, commented that this was a blue-print for the Judgments of the Eldar, and I guess she's correct.

I'm glad you are re-learning about the universe and appreciating it more (I hope my descriptions of Eä have helped *grin*). Cosmos is absolutely my favoritest science show ever! And I actually got to meet Carl Sagan! Truly a remarkable person.

The peace will not last long as we know from The Silmarillion, but then, that's why this tale is called 'Wars of the Valar'. LOL Thanks for reviewing.

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