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Walking the Tightrope  by Bodkin 13 Review(s)
TithenaruReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/28/2009
I know this is a very late, but I have only just read the story and wanted to leave you a comment. This is a beautifully written, interwoven, sequence of events which perfectly describe some age old dilemmas.

I loved the relationships between the characters, especially Glorfindel and Celebrian - " ‘Elrond should have had you planning battles, my friend.’
‘Go!’ Celebrían gave him a slight push. ‘Timing is vital in campaigns such as these.’ " How very true.

I can see I have missed a whole lot of back stories here, so will delve deeper.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/1/2008
Nice tale and more smiles! I loved the phrase 'the troll clutching his throat' - great! I smiled at the 'what were you thinking?' still laughing... the learning to 'deal with people he was not trying to kill' ... it's so difficult being a warrior when there is no battle.... the apparent insanity line was great too...

And I loved the ending - but really had to wonder why it took them so long!!!

perellethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/5/2007
I loved this, and I was looking for a moment to let you know. From the witty dialogues to the successsion of scenes ( you have become master in this kind of squence telling) to the deep reasons and lignering sadness in each pof the characters backstory, to the fmailiarity and camaraderie betweeb Celebrian and glorfindel, and of course, I will not scream but I did have a fangirl moment at the thought of Glorfindel and Ulabnis married and with child....until I remembered Rostaro. Anyway. I wished any f you two would write more fo the story of these two and the adopted one.

And Happy no birtdhay, Redheredh. I still have
my rigth to designate your other non birthday celebration.

Author Reply: I adore Rostaro - and would love to know more about his life. Does he ever find out more about himself, I wonder? Does he move west? Does he find lurve?

Celebrian and Glorfindel, I feel, ended up as virtual siblings - able to tease and torment and provoke and make demands of each other without a second thought. They both probably had to be quite careful with other people not to intimidate them, but they share a strength and aura of power (and a love of Elrond) that makes them equals.

Thank you, perelleth. I'm flattered - and very glad you liked the story.

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/4/2007
So it is not always all moonlight and roses in Valinor? Very enjoyable.

Author Reply: Valinor was the home of Feanor and Fingolfin. And Galadriel grew up there. And elves seem to be as ... individualistic as any other group of people - with the added complication of living for ever and holding grudges for even longer. No, I think that life in Valinor could probably get very complicated at times! Thanks, Linda. Sorry to be so hopeless about replying these days.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/12/2007
So many eternal truths to ponder here, Bodkin! Boys and girls will never understand each other until the end of time. Experience makes us wiser - in some ways. And there's a time to stop being sensible. Definitely. I was particularly taken with just the side issue of Curaniel having gone west eventually and met Celebrian. As bittersweet as that must have been, still what a comfort to be with someone who was there until the end, who could tell all the stories.

Author Reply: Mars and Venus ... so they say. I can't imagine elves are much different. Haldir and Curaniel have been separated by circumstances, but they share too much to abandon each other willingly. And, if you have Glorfindel and Celebrian pushing you together, you don't stand much chance of escape!

I think Curaniel's arrival - and time spent with Elrond and Celebrian - was welcomed and the detail she brought of Arwen's life ... not to mention the letters, journals, pictures and so on ... would have been a comfort. Eventually, probably, after the first pain. And it's a female perspective, too, while the others who had stayed and watched over Arwen were all male. Which brings us back to Mars and Venus.

Thanks, meckinock.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/10/2007
I like this - the steps of their courtship are as intricate as the steps of a complex dance. I felt sorry for poor bewildered Haldir, not knowing what to do or say!

Author Reply: Poor Haldir, indeed! He could be thought of as emotionally delayed ... or maybe just male. These two were just approaching each other when all that tedious Ring-war business separated them and sent them off in different directions for a few centuries. Fortunately, they have immortality - and some very determined and wily elves who care for them enough to get them together, so they can resume their courtship! Thanks, Jay.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/8/2007
Oh, Bodkin! Thank you so much! I started bouncing in my chair with delight as soon as I saw the alert in my mailbox and did not stop until I had read it twice. :D Such fun!!

At first, I only sorta thought this story was about Haldir and Curaniel. I had gotten the feeling, when I commented on this pairing in one of the previous stories, that you did not approve of the match. I am so glad to be wrong! Then, to my happy surprise, you also continued with Laurfinde and Ulbanis! Yippee!

And, nice trick not identifying right off who was bickering, but using the title to subtly recall who was the first elf we got to see do that trick. Too bad he did not find this trip down the road of romance as easy to traverse. ;)

Separation and how it can threaten love was a fine theme for this story. Luckily, there were a couple of people, older and made wiser through their own experiences with seperation, who knew how get the lovers reacquainted with their grown-up(?) selves.

I get such a kick out of Calisse. There but for the accident of birthplace goes another Elrovail. Glorfindel and Celebrian are simply hilarious together. Ha! Men and women are the same everywhere and in every age!

Now, I have to admit, I got a bit confused when you mentioned Ulbanis’ son. I naturally thought you meant the son of her heart. I did not catch on that swiftly that she had gotten married and that you were speaking of her own son! However, very clever that you set this episode a bit further in the future than her suitor’s return. It works well for keeping Haldir and Curaniel apart for this long and then being thrown back together, so to speak. But, also leaves lots of room for other events to occur before the Amille's wedding. };} " ‘Well,’ she said, ‘once your actions have put you beyond any prospect of reconciliation, you no longer have any reason to worry.' " Sounds like something her Ada would say! ;) Ulbanis has much more important things to worry about now. I think Rostero will make a great big brother!

Giving Curaniel an important role, which I am sure will lead to her becoming a Lady in her own right, was very good of you. I like her and am glad for her character. Haldir may have been a reluctant courtier until now, but our diamond-in-the-rough really should be grateful for getting the polish that makes him a suitable accessory for an up-and-coming queen. Hehe!

Heavens, you would think the astute Aratar of Alqualonde would take a lesson from all that has happened and the setbacks he has suffered. Hopefully, Curaniel will not be lulled into thinking the High Father’s ego has been rendered harmless... Haldir should continue to depend upon Glorfindel's advice in dealing with life's problems.

And, *sigh* a happy ending... just what I needed right now. I so love your beautiful writing, your humour, and the lovely story setting you so kindly have shared.

*Thank you!*

Author Reply: Sorry to be so late replying - and you are most welcome! Initially I had every intention of getting Curaniel and Haldir together - but they just wouldn't co-operate! She insisted on going off to Gondor with Arwen and staying until after Aragorn died and Arwen went off to die. He insisted on obeying Celeborn's command and going off to the Blessed Realm with Galadriel. And since they got back to the same continent, they just haven't been in the same place at the same time.

The jump forward with Glorfindel and Ulbanis ... to parenthood, no less. I just didn't feel up to filling in the gaps at the moment. I wonder what Rostaro thinks of it ... whether he is enough of an independent thinker not to give two hoots about the Aratar and his henchmen. Whether this might be enough to push him into abandoning his customary life to head west ... What do you think?

Separation and time must have made it hard for many elves - especially in conjunction with their tendency to one-time, big loves. I think C and H might have been a bit too attached to find happiness with others - but there must have been potential lovers who did.

I like Calisse, too. I'd love to find her a happy ending. She's so often the catalyst that pushes others together - seen as a busybody, but she has potential!

Glorfindel and Celebrian have become as close to siblings as you can, I think - despite age and affiliation and experience and all the other things that suggest they shouldn't. Of course, they both love Elrond, E2 and Arwen, which helps. And they are both rule-breakers - when it suits them and when it's for the benefit of others. (Celebrian has learned a lot from both parents - and from Hrassa.)

Fortunately, Curaniel has plenty of people on her side who have dealt with politics and war - they won't let the Aratar stab her in the back while telling her how much he values her input. They've seen cleverer and more spiteful than him.

I'm glad you liked it, Redheredh.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/8/2007
I laughed myself silly with the male and female views in this!

‘Always assuming they have minds for us to understand.’

'And the more obvious your suffering, the shorter the length of time you will be compelled to endure.’

‘Of course he is dense. Their naivety is part of their charm.’

These lines killed me! And Celebrian making Glorfindel dance with the 'other woman' and all the interaction surrounding that was just priceless! And the ending was very sweet. I loved this! I hope you have time to write some more. I miss your stories!

Author Reply: Males. I can't see elven males being much more clued up when it comes to emotions. And Haldir, I feel, was particularly dense.

Glorfindel and Celebrian make a delightful pair of dei ex machina, dancing around trying to get the central two in the right place before their injured feelings make them both back off.

I'm glad you liked it. I'm trying to write more - but I am currently amazed that I ever managed to get enough time to write as much as I have! But I do miss it. Thanks, elliska.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/8/2007
If you live unscarred, you are not living at all

That's a terrific line, Bodkin.

I can see how the events of ME would have disrupted all sorts of personal relationships as people followed duty and need. And mending those all again would take time, assuming they ever could be mended. I'm glad you ended this happily.

Haldir is very amusing in his annoyed attractiveness.

Author Reply: I'm glad you like the line! (I think it's true, too.)

In ... Arwen's Heart, I think (I lose track of what I said where, really) - Haldir and Curaniel were on the verge of an understanding. Only duty took them off in different directions and any rapprochement was rather quashed. Fortunately, elves can afford to wait for things to be right.

Annoying and annoyed attractiveness - just how I see Haldir!

Thank you, elliska.

Author Reply: Rats. Thought I was replying to another and didn't read the name properly.

Thank you, daw!!!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/8/2007
The path of true love never seems to run smoothly and easily does it!?!

Author Reply: Never. Where would half the novels of the world be if it did?

Thank you, harrowcat.

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