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Sundry Scrolls II  by Raksha The Demon 83 Review(s)
harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/16/2008
I love the mood of this place Raksha - brilliant.

Author Reply: Since the mood of the story seemed to go back and forth almost of its own will as I was trying to write it, I'm glad it came out readably in the final product, Harrowcat. Thanx for reading and reviewing!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/16/2008
Fantastic, Raksha! Yes, he has reason to feel one with Borondir and Hirgon and Boromir! And love that he thinks of himself as his brother's heir. Yes, I can so see this!

Wonderful story.

Author Reply: Faramir stepped up to the plate that Denethor laid out for him, proudly but knowingly; to take Boromir's place and show himself as brave as Boromir. This ficlet took a different direction than the one I had planned, and ended up showing the ways that Faramir was like, and unlike his brother - but one quality that the sons of Denethor shared was courage; the same courage displayed by Borondir and Hirgon.

Thanx for reading and reviewing, Larner!

phyloxenaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/16/2008
Am I first to review?! Great piece. For me it culminated on "choke on my angry heart". It is really hard to write Faramir in first person, since there is no introspection ITB, but in this line it rung very close.

Author Reply: I always see Faramir as angry as well as hurt by his father's coldness, and Faramir's line "But if I should return, think better of me!" has always sounded like a demand as much as, or perhaps more than, a plea.

I'm glad you liked this vignette, Phyloxena; and thanx for reviewing.

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