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Tales from Vairë's Loom  by Fiondil 14 Review(s)
6336Reviewed Chapter: 17 on 6/9/2010
Oh, that was fun! Finally Vaire gets him to wear yellow, though it was a very dark yellow, what's next, I know he has worn dark green and dark blue and I think, burgandy, how about a nice dark brown with gold trimmings?
By the way what did he wear as Nate in Elf Academy?
I think I figured out who it was before I got to the Bumble Bees, now I am trying to remember where it was that getting Namo to wear yellow was mentioned and by whome?
More 'Tales of the Private Lives of the Valar' please!

Author Reply: Hi Lynda. Yes, Vairë's gotten Námo to wear midnight blue, dark green and burgundy, but so far not dark brown or purple. We'll have to see what she can get him into next.

I didn't give a description of 'Nate' in Elf Academy, but in my mind he was wearing black cordoroys and a button-down cotton shirt, possibly bluish-grey in color. In other words, rather nondescript clothing typical of the times. His actual appearance was that of a rather scruffy looking male of indeterminate middle-age. No one you would actually take any notice of. *grin*

As for the reference, the idea of Námo wearing yellow is put forth by Oromë to Vána in chapter 130 of Elf, Interrupted: Book One. This is in the middle of the Tournament and we've just been introduced to Turindil.

Glad you enjoyed this one, Lynda. Thanks for reviewing. I appreciate it.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 17 on 6/9/2010
The wagers of the Valar will end up getting them all into trouble eventually! Hehehehe!

A wonderful response to the prompt!

Author Reply: Yes, the Valar are as capable of shooting themselves in the foot as the rest of us. *grin* I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Larner. Thanks for letting me know.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 17 on 6/9/2010
Brilliant! Loved every word and as I am currently right back re-reading about that Tournament it is perfect timing. Great fun Fiondil.

Author Reply: Glad you liked this harrowcat. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it. Have fun with the Tournament. *grin*

EllieReviewed Chapter: 17 on 6/9/2010
Namo is sooo wrapped around Vairë's little finger. He obviously loves her dearly to subject himself to such a thing as he did here, but still... Poor guy with all of those conniving women around! And the fact that it is the Lord of Mandos that all of this is happening to makes it all the more entertaining. I bet it will be delightful for Namo to see what the rest of the female Valar come up with to torment their husbands and how that bet will go later. I hope your muse leads you to write a what happens next story. Manwe or Aule or Tulkas in pink??? LOL!!!

Author Reply: You got it, Ellie. Námo is truly besotted of his beloved and will do anything for her. And that it is indeed the grim original Man-in-Black to whom all this is happening makes it all the more hilarious. *grin* As to whether we will see a sequel to this story, only the Muse can say. Thanks for reviewing, Ellie. I'm glad you enjoyed this.

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