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Tales from Vairė's Loom  by Fiondil 13 Review(s)
SunnyReviewed Chapter: 28 on 2/9/2011
You really must see if you can get the Muse to take an interest in Galadriel getting caught climbing Telperion. (And did somebody else manage to _not_ get caught climbing in either of those trees?)
I can imagine the parents almost fainting with horror at Galadriel's temeridy, while the Valar laugh at the whole situation. :-)

(I know - as if you needed another plotbunny!)

Author Reply: Hi Sunny. I will take it under advisement, as they say. *LOL* It would make an interesting story especially the reaction of the Valar.

TariReviewed Chapter: 28 on 1/25/2011
So, Pippin's not the only one who gets into mischief. It's hard to imagine someone like Galadriel or Glorfindel getting into trouble as an elfling, but why not. I don't think anyone gets too old to get into a little mischief.

Author Reply: Hi Tari. Yes, even Elves (or rather Elf-children) can get into mischief. It is hard to think of someone like Galadriel or Glorfindel as having been children at one time, but we all start that way and I imagine that Elf-children are as capable of mischief as mortal children. And no, you're never too old to get into it, at least not in my experience. *grin* Thanks for reading and reviewing. I really appreciate it.

RhyselleReviewed Chapter: 28 on 1/13/2011
Fiondil, this was just absolutely charming! :) It made me smile, and giggle, and it just touched my heart. You most certainly deserved the First Place in the contest! :)

Now I have a mental image of Galadriel and Glorfindel as children teasing each other that will keep me smiling throughout my day.

Thank you so very much for this lovely additions to the ever-growing pile of beautiful tapestries of words that you weave. Well done!

Author Reply: Hi Rhyselle. I'm so glad you found this so charming and that it made you smile, especially the image of Glorfindel and Galadriel as children teasing one another. That is an amusing image for sure. Thank you for letting me know how much you enjoyed this little tale. I really appreciate it.

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 28 on 1/12/2011
Galadriel was obviously quite a hellion, once upon a time (and I don't think she has entirely left it behind, only camouflaged it a bit ;-) ).
I really like kickass female characters :-D

Author Reply: Hi Sunny. Yes, she was quite the hellion. Glad you enjoyed this little tale. Thanks for taking the time to read and review. I really appreciate it.

FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 28 on 1/12/2011
Hi Fiondil,

What a beautiful story. Love Glorfindel and Galadriel interaction. And Gandalf, making Glorfindel blush! And Pippin, and his commwent of only two trees in Valinor, priceless!

Thank you and keep writing, I may not review as often as before, but I do read every single story.

Author Reply: Hi Fantasia. Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed this story. I really appreciate it and I'm glad that you are still reading my stories even if you can't review all the time.

ellieReviewed Chapter: 28 on 1/12/2011
What a delightful little story! I always enjoy your romps through history with Glorfindel and various members of this crowd.

Author Reply: Hi Ellie. Thanks again. I know how much you enjoy my Glorfindel and I'm glad you enjoyed him here. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I really appreciate it.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 28 on 1/12/2011
No fair Mithrandir, you could at least have used the one where he went outside for the first time in his Re-born Birthday Suit!
So Galadrial swung in one of the Two Trees, I bet the Valar had a giggle over that and just how Arafinwe and Earwen survived her elflinghoof I will never know! She really was a tom boy, I bet Earwen had a time keeping her in dresses.
My first memory is of toddling across a park with my parents wearing those funky shoes where the sole went up the back of the heel, I think I must have been all of two or three!

Author Reply: Hi Lynda. Oh I'm sure given half the change Mithrandir would have done just that. *LOL* And I think being the youngest and only daughter Galadriel must've been very tom-boyish in her youth. Glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

someoneReviewed Chapter: 28 on 1/12/2011
A lovely story. Poor Elrond... surely he has to have some good memories from his first years. I really like the idea of a young Galadriel pushing Glorfindel into a mountain, and wonder just what was his revenge!

Author Reply: Hi, someone. I'm glad you enjoyed this. I'm sure Elrond did have some good memories, but he probably just didn't want to think about those times right then. Thanks for letting me know that you found this a lovely story. I really appreciate it.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 28 on 1/12/2011
If you have not already written the fountain incident between Glorfindel and Galadriel, please do so! I love your stories so much and deeply appreciate your work for all of us.

Author Reply: Hi UTfrog. Well, who knows, maybe someday I just might. I have not yet written it, but I'll put the idea in my 'plot bunny' log and who knows what the Muse will do with it. Thanks for letting me know how much you love and appreciate all my stories. Knowing that "I done good" has brightened my day considerably.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 28 on 1/12/2011
Ah, the pleasure of memories! Heh!

Author Reply: Indeed, Larner. Glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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