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Murder Most Foul  by Larner 91 Review(s)
FantasiaReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 8/3/2011
Larner, I confess that I knew nothing about the case. I just googled and what a complicated case. It seems sometime hard to believe that our justice system can be wrong sometimes. What is amazing to me is that you need the 12 juros to agree in the verdict for a criminal case and they all 12 went for guilty. Now I will follow the apparent new hiring in December.
Great start, I will follow this story avidly, it promises to be a classic.

Author Reply: Oh, yes, Fantasia--a very complicated case, and one that speaks to how easily prejudices and an atmosphere of lurid imagination can poison an entire region.

Actually, in the real case there were two trials, one for Jessie Miskelley and the other a joint trial for Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols, who was believed to be the ringleader. In the second trial the prosecutors brought in a good deal of questionable "evidence" that was not shown to have any relevance to the crime at all, and that appears to have been produced basically to impress the jury with its scariness more than anything else; and although the prosecutors had been told that, no, the children had not been sexually assaulted, they still not only intimated it had happened anyway, but the doctor who did the autopsies refused to refute them on the witness stand, although more recently he has definitely stated that of course it never happened and he insists he cannot imagine why anyone would dream that it had happened at all.

It will be interesting to see what comes of the hearings in December.

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