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No Better Name  by Cairistiona 14 Review(s)
EstelcontarReviewed Chapter: 3 on 9/20/2011
Strider might have said nothing, but he was very eloquent and looked very sweet speaking just by gestures. LOL I'm glad to see that he and Bowen are now getting on like a house on fire.

It was very perspicacious of Bowen to notice that under that feral exterior there lurked a heart of gold.

I absolutely loved the bits featuring Arwen's tunic, and how you made her very present even though she is not in the story. I also loved the image of Strider "granting pardon to a misbehaving commoner". It's so easy to imagine this delightful scene. And Strider's mother old soup pot is a great find. I imagine they are the shards of Narsil.

I'm most definitely in love with this tale

Author Reply: Thank you, Estelcontar! :) Yes, those are the shards of Narsil clanking at the bottom of his pack, but better for him to let Bowen imagine it's a soup pot. I'm glad this scene was easy to picture... I had such a clear picture of it in my own mind that it's good to know that translated into the same for the reader.

And gold stars to you for using "perspicacious" in a review! *g*

FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 9/20/2011
Bowen is really a treasure. They should make him an honorable member of the Rangers. His house can be their post in Bree! Poor Strider, he must be very sick if he agreed to go to Bowen's house without protest. It broke my heart to read him so forlorn, so lost and vulnerable. Good that he found Bowen, there are good people in the world and for once, Strider found one. I can't wait for see his wife, I'm sure that she is all kindness; I can't picture a man like him married to a harpy.

I suppose that Arwen made his shirt. And I suppose that he was looking for his ring and not for his mother's pot. Or it was his mother's pot?
Looking forward for the other ones to join. Bowen will have two sick Rangers at home. And three low spirit Rangers as well. A lot of work!

Author Reply: Thank you, Fantasia! Yes, Arwen made the shirt, and as for the clanking in the bottom of his pack--no, not his mother's cookpot nor the Ring of Barahir but a certain broken sword. But shhhh... don't tell anyone! *g*

Bowen doesn't seem to be the sort to marry a harpy, does he?

Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts and for your kind comments!

ElentarriReviewed Chapter: 3 on 9/20/2011
Your beautifully written chapters are just way too short. They are over so quickly. :)

Strider at a loss for words - that's funny. I'm glad he didn't put up much of a fuss. The bit about the roots and Aragorn being feral is very nicely written. What amazes me is your original characters that manage to fit in so nicely that they feel canonical - Bowen prattles almost like a hobbit :)

Can't wait for the next chapter on Friday.

Author Reply: Thank you, Elentarri! That's very nice of you to say about my OC's. Bowen is a bit hobbit-like. I think that there's really not much different about farmers, be they Hobbit or Man. Even the farmers in real life that live in my area, who've descended for the most part from immigrants from rural England and Ireland and have kept a lot of those ways to this day, tend to be that same sort of chatty, friendly sort. Tolkien knew his rural folk!

It is rather rare for Strider to be at a loss, and I have a feeling there were all kinds of words he might have said had he not lost his voice to this illness. *g*

Thanks for the nice words!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 3 on 9/20/2011
He had no idea where Rangers came from, but Strider left him feeling that he had blown into the Prancing Pony like a dazed bird stranded by a storm. Not just any bird, mind you, but a wounded eagle, fierce and independent and a little bit frightening. Even in need of care, he had a wild and wandering air about him that couldn’t be ignored

What a marvelous and insightful description. How I love this story!

Author Reply: Thank you, shirebound! So glad you liked that passage--I think it's one of my favorites in the entire story, if I can say that without sounding too puffed up! It's just so fascinating to look at the Rangers through the eyes of an ordinary Breelander, and Strider especially. I imagine he was really quite an impressive and scary figure, probably considered by most of those folks as best viewed from a distance.

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