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Through the Eyes of Maia and Wizard  by Larner 89 Review(s)
PSWReviewed Chapter: 15 on 11/20/2016
Very interesting! Not a conversation I'd ever thought of before -- so many were affected by all that happened...

I love your description of Olorin as being more solid, somehow. I'm sure being forced to live in a body for so long rather than just being able to flit in and out of one at will would definitely have an effect...

Thanks for writing!

Author Reply: The Master indicated that keeping to one form could lead to the Maia losing much of his or her nature, ending with it taking on the nature of the form instead, and I would think this especially true of Gandalf after his long sojourn as an elderly Man. And in trying to keep these challenges to Gandalf's POV, I had to think how Nerdanel would interact with a newly returned Olorin and this is what came of it.

Thank you so!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 21 on 11/20/2016
It is horrible to see how Saruman is more and more misled!

He is so full of himself that he doesn't realize that he becomes a supporter of the Enemy. But in the end he is not the leader he intended to be, but merely a slave.

The woman with the greatest compassion looked most orc-like? That is as if nature itself started to rebel against these horrible experiments.

Author Reply: I've been giving thought to what led to his final corruption, and this seemed a likely step in the wrong direction for him.

I'd not thought of the orcish woman's plight like that, but I like your perspective! Thank you so!

PSWReviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/19/2016
Come on, Boromir, get with the program! Play along, at least -- it's going to be a long journey if not... :-P

Very nice, I had never really thought of them as being put and about during a holiday, but it only makes sense.

Thanks for writing!

Author Reply: Thanks. This was done in answer to a B2MEM challenge, but I found it fun to write this in anticipation for when I reached that far in "In Empty Lands." Aragorn learned the dangers of interfering with Frodo's mushrooms in a story I wrote some years ago, so it was fun to think how Boromir might fare with a similar situation. Heh! Thanks!

FreyalynReviewed Chapter: 21 on 11/19/2016
Oh dear, that's a rather horrible thing to write about as well as you always write.

Poor women.

I feel rather ill reading it, which of course I should do.

Author Reply: It was a dreadful thing even to contemplate, yet Saruman must have dedicated quite some time to this project once he entered Orthanc in order to have his army up to ten thousand in number to send against Rohan.

Thank you so for the compliments! But I agree, it was a horrible course Saruman set for himself.

PSWReviewed Chapter: 12 on 11/17/2016
This was just lovely! :-) Pippin bringing the flowers for Sam was so sweet...just what a gardener would love. And the cameo by Rosie at the end... yep, loved this chapter!

Thanks for writing!

Author Reply: And I loved writing it! Thank you so much!

PSWReviewed Chapter: 10 on 11/17/2016
Nice! :-)

Author Reply: As I reread the description of Gandalf and Treebeard seeing one another and saying no word to one another, this is what suggested itself to my mind in answer to the challenge. Dreamflower introduced me to the form of the dribble, and I've played with it more than once, adding as well as subtracting words in subsequent lines. I thought it served as the right vehicle to carry the mood I sought to convey.

PSWReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/17/2016
Interesting! Yes, the whole Aradhel has always been .. odd. Troubling. It was very interesting to hear the thoughts of a Maia about the whole situation...

Author Reply: It was a challenge to find a means of tying the two White Ladies together in such a manner, but I think the whole turned out well.

Aredhel deserved far better than she got, I always felt. It was interesting to think on her life as if through Olorin's memories of her.

PSWReviewed Chapter: 8 on 11/17/2016
Everyone falls in love w Arwen, hmm? Well, that wouldn't really surprise me... :-P

I really enjoy these stories about Gandalf -- I'm so fascinated by his character... Thanks for writing!

Author Reply: Oh, I do suspect that Arwen had a plethora of admirers amongst Isildur's heirs. But would not Frodo also, with the nobility of his character, also be drawn to her?

And I enjoy writing Gandalf's POV. Thank you for your comments!

6336Reviewed Chapter: 21 on 11/16/2016
Some times too much knowledge is not a good thing to have. Seems to me Saruman spent too much time reading and not enough doing but then he was Saruman the White, mustn't get his hands dirty, that would never do.

Pity Gandalf did not look a little closer at the books in the study, it might have given him an idea as to what Saruman had or was about to get up to. I take it this was before he discovered the Orthanc Stone and thought to control Sauron?

Ignoring Radagast was something he should not have done, he was canny in his own way.


Author Reply: Thanks so, Lynda. Saruman appears to have become convinced at about the time he entered Orthanc that he ought to be able to conquer Sauron using Sauron's own techniques, something that seldom if ever works. And you are so right that Saruman did poorly to denigrate and ignore Radagast.

It appears that during the years Saruman spent in an aged Man's body within Middle Earth he progressively lost track of his mission within Middle Earth, coming to think so highly of his own cleverness and genius that he could no longer appreciate what others did.

But for Gandalf to appreciate that his chieftain had truly lost so much of himself already was not an easily made conclusion for the good-hearted Grey Wizard, I suspect.

I'm not certain when Saruman found and began using the Orthanc Stone, but I suspect that if he had done so at this time he either hadn't begun using it yet or that he'd convinced himself that he could use it with impugnity to spy upon Sauron's actions. Who knows how many lies and how much misinformation Sauron was already feeding the self-important Wizard before the Enemy finally confronted this voyeur?

PSWReviewed Chapter: 6 on 10/14/2016
Shire, not Shore... :-P

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