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Through the Eyes of Maia and Wizard  by Larner 89 Review(s)
Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2012
This was such fun to see. The germination of Bilbo Baggins' adventure. Hooray!

Author Reply: It's a bit different from the Master's own intended tale, but it was fun to imagine, and explained what might have happened to that harp and the viols, at least. Thanks so!

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/12/2012
This was so incredibly heart-breaking, as a fan of Denethor, to read.

The truth seemed to flow from it and the realization that Denethor might have known what he was doing all along....

I was blown away and wept.

Thank you for sharing it.

Author Reply: Oh, I do know how well you love Lord Denethor, and I do like to think that somewhere inside him he did realize just how disasterous it could be had he tried remaining should the battle be won and Aragorn came to claim the Winged Crown and the Throne at last. I'm so glad you appreciate this, Agape.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/12/2012
Some how I don't think the idea of being a Sheriff was Lotho's, I have the feeling the idea came from a certain Mr. White!


Author Reply: Perhaps, although I doubt Lotho's able to discuss it at this point. Heh! Thanks so, Lynda!

TeresaReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/12/2012
Sighs......and how right Gandalf's premonition was! But of course none of the Hobbits could even dream that Lotho would do such terrible things to the Shire and its inhabitants out of jealousy and envy. I've always wondered if Sauruman went to a hobbit that was a distant connection of Gandalf's close friends deliberetly. It can't have been merly chance that someone who had a major feud with Frodo and Bilbo became Sauruman's agent. I can see Sauruman fanning Lotho's envy and subtly directing his actions to become the"Chief". And Lotho, poor fool, had know idea that he'd made such a terrible bargin until Saruman's troops and then he himself moved openly against Lotho. Many thanks for an intriguing vignette! :)

Author Reply: I very much suspect that you have the right of it, Teresa. No, Lotho had no idea of just how bad a bargain he'd made until he found himself a prisoner within Bag End, and found Wormtongue's knife at his own throat one night. And thank you for the feedback!

TariReviewed Chapter: 5 on 3/9/2012
So that's where Gandalf made his fireworks. And why not? Anything is possibel in Tolkiens' world.

(P.S. I have been unable to click onto "Shirrings" because I keep getting a URL problem prompt.

Author Reply: Yes, that's at least one of the places where I suspect Gandalf made his fireworks. I'd think that a Dwarf would be glad to learn secrets from Gandalf in the making of such things and the possible uses of blasting powders.

As for Stirring Rings, you have to go to the main page for Stories of Arda and click into the story there. Messages sent to you indicate a dummy chapter I have to add and then delete in order to make the story rise to the top of the list each time I edit one of the chapters and reveal it, which I'm doing once a week. This is a story I'm reworking, you see, and in order not to lose all of the read counts and comments from its first release I hid the chapters as they were first written and am editing and publishing them anew. Once I get through all of the chapters that were published before, then the notices will reference the new chapters as they are posted.

AiwendielReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/8/2012
A much more intelligent view of this fateful encounter than the stunningly stupid one depicted in the film! Thank you!

Author Reply: I'm so glad that you feel that way, Aiwendiel. I, too, was disappointed by that scene in both the theatrical and extended editions. And I doubt that Gandalf felt much fear at the encounter.

AiwendielReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/8/2012
A grim but critical moment to display... and very interesting interpretations on what surely was in the mind of the White Wizard at those moments. Sometimes mercy and restraint are one and the same...and oh so very difficult. And to think, that stubborn Took was watching it all, too!

Author Reply: I so agree, Aiwendiel. Denethor had lost his hope completely and chose to flee the torture he was certain they'd know at the hands of the Enemy; but what a death he chose for himself and his son! But we know he also was refusing to submit himself to Aragorn's rule. Considering his last words to Gandalf, wouldn't these thoughts have been considered by the Wizard? And of course the stubborn Took was watching, and listening as well.

Thank you so!

AiwendielReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/8/2012
A look at a tender side of the Maia/Wizard that few writers think to reveal. A very touching moment, for the very very old wizard and the very very young hobbit.

Author Reply: We know that the Wizard seemed to waver between frustration and concern for Pippin, and that he was very tolerantly answering Pippin's interminable questions on the ride from Rohan to Gondor. We also know he was a close friend to old Gerontius, and that this seemed to transfer itself to his relationship with Bilbo and Pippin, although the relationship with Frodo appears to have been more to mutual respect and honor. So, I am certain that the Wizard would be concerned at how young Pippin would fare on the journey from the Shire to Rivendell.

Thank you so!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 5 on 3/8/2012
You know that I love it when we getto see things through Gandalf'seyes and to have Eonwe there is a bonus. Lovely start to my day.

Author Reply: I'm so very glad you feel that way, Harrowcat! And I enjoyed finding Eonwe desired to make an entrance in this one! Heh!

eilujReviewed Chapter: 5 on 3/8/2012
Finally someone has addressed the issue of where Gandalf made his fireworks! And how logical that it should be among the dwarves. I am imagining Gandalf's legacy in a series of dwarven fireworks displays.... Perhaps they will volunteer to put on a show for the future King, when he comes north.

And besides that, who should show up but Enw -- with portents of the Quest and indications that Manw is already closely watching! *sighs with satisfaction*

Author Reply: I suspect that there were a few different places where Gandalf worked on such things, but it only makes sense to me that he'd find welcome from some Dwarves for such projects. And the idea that the Dwarves might make some of their own is certainly a proper one! I'll have to suggest this to Gimli, perhaps, and see if he'll agree to sponsor one some day! Heh!

And I was surprised and honored that Eonwe decided to make an appearance in this story. Glad that you appreciate it!

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