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Enter the Ranger  by Larner 204 Review(s)
MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/12/2020

It will be very interesting to read the changes and similarities of storyline and ideas. I like it.


EllynnReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 1/15/2020
Awww, wonderful ending to the wonderful story. Thank you so much for this journey.

Author Reply: I am so sorry I didn't respond in a more timely manner. Am so glad you enjoyed this story. I liked exploring a different manner for Aragorn to reenter the life of his own people. Now--to get back into Khazad-dum once more!

EllynnReviewed Chapter: 18 on 1/14/2020
Aragorn has shown a great wisdom here!

And I have to say that I'm very very very angry at all fathers who set "prices", as if other human beings (that is, their daughters) are things to be sold...

EllynnReviewed Chapter: 14 on 11/29/2019
Awww, such a touching and beautiful end...

EllynnReviewed Chapter: 9 on 10/30/2019
Great chapter - great crime story!

EllynnReviewed Chapter: 7 on 10/25/2019
The paragraph beginning "While Peredhrion worked, ..." - shouldn't it be Halbarad instead of Halbaleg?
Anyway - another great chapter! :)

Author Reply: Oh, dear--even with Fiondil betaing this chapter I still managed to make such an error! How such things slip by two of us plus more rereadings by me as I prepare to post I don't know, but it happens! Thanks!

EllynnReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/22/2019
Aragorn made a very vise choice. So well done. ;)

Author Reply: Oh, heavens--I see I missed all your comments. I see they were made after the Win10 computer died, so I had email backing up like crazy, and appear to have not noted these comments coming in.

We have to assume that Elrond saw to it that young Estel learned to think things through as best he could, and I would think that the question as to how he should return to the Dunedain would be one he would ponder deeply, probably asking his mother how it was that the young people of the Dunedain were recognized as being of adult status. Am so glad you find it both reasonable and wise!

FreyalynReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 9/22/2019
Just discovered your comments here. Thank you for sharing this story with us, and also your thoughts as to how you came to your own vision of Tolkien's sub-creation. I've enjoyed every word you've written, and will be keenly awaiting more.

Author Reply: It's satisfying to explain how the stories came to be, Freyalyn, and it was fun to bring this story full-circle with Eldarion coming north to himself ride with the Rangers of Arnor, as well as to refer once again to the people of Camaloa and to see them coming at last to recognition and prominence in the world.

Thanks so!

MattReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 9/15/2019
As you know I'm not visiting SoA as much as I used to. I stopped by today and was both glad and sad to see this story completed. An excellent job. Out of curiosity, as I too like "returned Aragorn" stories a great deal, what stories other than Radbooks' excellent piece and Aspects of Aragorn (which I know isn't truly a return of Aragorn tale by itself) can you recommend? I know I've read others but can't find them in my ffn favorites right now. I would be very interested in that elopement fic you mention in the notes as I think it would give us a tremendous view of the differences (in your universe at least) between what are in some ways the most and least sophisticated (or at least economically complex) parts of Middle Earth. Thanks again for your hard work on this, looking forward to future tales in this direction...and any recommendations you can offer.

Author Reply: Nor am I visiting as often as I did, Matt. I'm a half year from turning seventy, and it's making itself known to me. The Shire and the rest of Middle-earth still enchant me, but it's taking so much longer to get things written and posted! I'm still working, and it's once more not being as much fun as it once was. As for the governments of the U.S. and Britain--it appears that Lotho has put himself in charge of both lands!

I didn't read as many Aragorn stories on FF.n as I did on HASA, and as I said, that has closed down. I've not sought for them on AnArchiveOfOurOwn, so what I remember from HASA I haven't learned whether or not they were transferred as my stories were. One was called something to the order of "In the Bloody Cottage," and in it was told the birth of Aragorn. It was a rather dark tale in which the Northern Dunedain were depicted as dwindling, with the women devoted to producing sons to protect their land with few seeking to produce daughters to continue their people. Rather nihilistic, I thought. Halbeleg was the name given Gilraen's brother in an Aragorn Returned story I read there, and it was from that I took the name, although my brain insisted on spelling it with an /a/ rather than the initial /e/. I fear that I remember little of the details of that story, other than the spelling of the name, of course. But in it Aragorn came back to the Angle to learn the rule of their people from this uncle.

I hope to eventually write the story of Gilthor and Arien--but first I have so many tales to finish!

Thanks so much for following this tale, and perhaps I'll add more of young Aragorn as time goes on.

Have you read Fiondil's story of Aragorn among the Rohirrim? It's here on SoA. And Virtuella, I think, did one of that time as well, in which Aragorn was not introduced as quite as accomplished as he was in Fiondil's tale.

Take care and God bless.

MattReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/27/2019
When SoA was more active than it is now I was a close follower of this story. I was pleased to see you'd finished it recently and like what you did with it. As I have noted in earlier reviews I think the treatment of prisoners etc too gentle but can see your reasoning for this. Your characters are generally very strong and well developed. I wish others would follow your efforts in this area. Thanks so much for your hard work on this, As I stop by, I'll be watching for other long works from you to either complete or begin.

Author Reply: I am reworking "Or Perchance, When the Last Little Star..." now, and hope to get it started reposting soon. And--who knows? Perhaps I might one day get Eorl to the Battle of the Celebrant, a chapter I'm stuck on in "Stirring Rings." I'm glad that you find yourself understanding why Aragorn seemed too gentle with the Angmarians. I do try to do decent characterizations, and find I've been inspired by writers such as Charles Dickens and, more importantly, Rosemary Sutcliff, who doesn't repeatedly bonk the reader over the head with it as Dickens did.

Thank you for continuing to check up on this tale, and am glad you enjoyed it in the end. Thanks so, Matt!

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