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Fiondil's Tapestry  by Fiondil
A collection of unrelated ficlets and vignettes inspired by the Tolkien Tango prompts found at the Leaf and Stone Yahoo Group. Rating for future stories. Thanks to Alassiel for the beta. replica handbags
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: SONG: Name That Tune18
Chapter  2: LAUGH: iLálala Vala14
Chapter  3: GOBLINS: The Herald's Summons8
Chapter  4: GOLD AND MITHRIL: Cloths of Heaven6
Chapter  5: STING: Blades of Destiny8
Chapter  6: MAGIC: The Password23
Chapter  7: WAR: A Promise Before Dying10
Chapter  8: WAR: Gwann nan iHûl10
Chapter  9: RECONCILIATION: Ascent12
Chapter 10: PROPHECY: Changing the Future12
Chapter 11: BIRTHDAY: Meeting Irmo10
Chapter 12: WANDERING: Found8
Chapter 13: COURAGE: Impressions6
Chapter 14: DISGUISE: Emissaries14
Chapter 15: WOUNDS: Invisible Scars9
Chapter 16: APPOINTED: A Secret Voice7
Chapter 17: FAULT: Pointing Fingers10
Chapter 18: FAULT: The Doctor Is In21
Chapter 19: BRIDGE: Pá Valaraucar ar Námier14
Chapter 20: SECRET and SILENT: The Oathkeeper10
Chapter 21: NIGHT and FOREST: A Glimpse of Beauty10
Chapter 22: SILENT: iDhîn i-Gelaidh7
Chapter 23: QUARREL: Confronting Námo13
Chapter 24: MARCHES: Crossing the Ice9
Chapter 25: SMOKE: One Night at the Laughing Vala 17
Chapter 26: SKIRTS: Fashion-sense13
Chapter 27: ERRAND: Tarrying10
Chapter 28: WICKED: Maiar Games9
Chapter 29: HOLLOW: Founding Nargothrond7
Chapter 30: MONSTER: Bed-Slayer14
Chapter 31: COURTEOUS: Lack of Manners10
Chapter 32: PASS: Cleft of Light10
Chapter 33: SIGNAL: Wires Crossed16
Chapter 34: BEGGAR: ‘Anno ammen sír...’12
Chapter 35: VOICES: Shibboleths11
Chapter 36: NOTION: Bibelot13
Chapter 37: TALLER: True Lies12
Chapter 38: CONTEST: Power Play9
Chapter 39: DISORDER: Chaos Theory20
Chapter 40: SUNRISE: Arin Etarácië7
Chapter 41: POWER: Divine Restraint15
Chapter 42: REBELLION: Ránë Nésë6
Chapter 43: REBUKE: Animadversions12
Chapter 44: WINTER TRADITIONS: First Solstice10
Chapter 45: RUMOUR: Whispers of War7
Chapter 46: DREAMS: Dréam ne dréose5
Chapter 47: CROOKED: Mîn bain raeg6
Chapter 48: STAR: Albedo 0.6513
Chapter 49: CHILD: Childe Estel to the Dark Tower Came12
Chapter 50: MEMORIAL: Carved in Stone10
Chapter 51: END: Nightfall in Aman9
Chapter 52: APRON: Ambiguities of a Lexical Kind17
Chapter 53: DECEPTIONS: The Last Council of the Wise10
Chapter 54: NOTHING: It’s Just a Scratch12
Chapter 55: LONELY: Waiting9
Chapter 56: VAGABOND: Footloose and Fancy Free10
Chapter 57: KEY: And the Password is...4
Chapter 58: FIRE: Burning6
Chapter 59: WONDER: Cal' Oira14
Chapter 60: ALONE: Out of Options26
Chapter 61: NORTH: News From the South14
Chapter 62: SPRING: Meeting of Minds8
Chapter 63: TRUST: Sailing9
Chapter 64: BLUE: Mid-Summer Memories12

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