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Filling In the Corners  by Celeritas
A collection of gapfillers set within my Fourth-Age manuscript universe and mostly featuring the OCs of that tale. Individual chapters are set in chronological order and contain the chapter in the main works past which the story may be read without fear of spoilers. Newest tale is Chapter Six.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Paper Recollections (Sandra, Elanor) - KatM Ch. 142
Chapter  2: First Grief (Kerry, Elfstan, Sandra) - KatM Ch. 142
Chapter  3: Dancing and Dancing (Sandra, Kerry) - AWS Ch. 22
Chapter  4: Doomed to Repeat It (Rosemary)2
Chapter  5: September 22, 1551 (Kira)5
Chapter  6: Escapism (Kira)3

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