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Gil-Estel  by Mirach
A story about hope and despair, as Eärendil the Eternal Mariner watches from above the last of Elros' descendants battle for his life. This is a real-time story, updated every day, now complete
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: September 23rd5
Chapter  2: September 24th3
Chapter  3: September 25th5
Chapter  4: September 26th4
Chapter  5: September 27th3
Chapter  6: September 28th3
Chapter  7: September 29th5
Chapter  8: September 30th6
Chapter  9: October 1st6
Chapter 10: October 2nd4
Chapter 11: October 3rd5
Chapter 12: October 4th3
Chapter 13: October 5th4
Chapter 14: October 6th4
Chapter 15: October 7th4
Chapter 16: October 8th4
Chapter 17: October 9th6

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