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Beneath Strange Stars  by Larner
A new series that goes beyond the Fellowship and its times.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: When All Was Remade11
Chapter  2: Yule in Time of War3
Chapter  3: An Enemy Unmasked3
Chapter  4: On Fairy Tales5
Chapter  5: The Only Choice1
Chapter  6: Regrets on the Burning of the Ships2
Chapter  7: He Who would be Lord of the Harvest0
Chapter  8: The Burden of the Swan-headed Boat8
Chapter  9: Seeking Adventure8
Chapter 10: Unfriendly Persuasion5
Chapter 11: Returned to his Proper Place6
Chapter 12: Builder of Worlds4
Chapter 13: Seeking Introductions5
Chapter 14: A World in Hand3
Chapter 15: The New Folk5
Chapter 16: The Last Agreement4
Chapter 17: Truants and Welcomes5
Chapter 18: First Rising4

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