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In the High King's Secret Service  by Fiondil
240 years after the last Vanya left Tirion-on-Túna for Vanyamar, High King Ingwë sends a delegation back to the first city of the Eldar to negotiate a trade agreement with the Noldor. Among those in the delegation is a newly made loremaster named Valandur. This is his story. My thanks to Alassiel and Ellie for the betas. This one is for you, Ellie, because you asked.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: The Road10
Chapter  1: A Royal Summons12
Chapter  2: Arrival in Tirion9
Chapter  3: First Meetings9
Chapter  4: At the Rose and Crown6
Chapter  5: Calandil10
Chapter  6: The Opening Session8
Chapter  7: Valandur Speaks Out11
Chapter  8: Dinner with Friends7
Chapter  9: A Day of Rest8
Chapter 10: At the Coppersmith’s 6
Chapter 11: Renewing Acquaintances8
Chapter 12: A Day at the Beach 9
Chapter 13: An Audience with Lord Ulmo8
Chapter 14: Alqualondë7
Chapter 15: The Sea Storm Cometh9
Chapter 16: Return to Tirion10
Chapter 17: Repercussions of an Unexpected Kind8
Chapter 18: News from the South7
Chapter 19: The Southern Fiefdoms5
Chapter 20: Nordomas8
Chapter 21: Heading South8
Chapter 22: Into the Fire8
Chapter 23: The Forests of Oromë10
Chapter 24: Rescue8
Chapter 25: Reunited10
Chapter 26: At the Golden Spinning Wheel8
Chapter 27: Succoring the Fiefdoms6
Chapter 28: From Ashes to Ashes13
Chapter 29: Prisoner10
Chapter 30: Valandur before the Noldóran11
Chapter 31: The Justice of the High King12
Chapter 32: At the Rose and Crown Again6
Chapter 33: A Meeting with Royals8
Chapter 34: Lost and Found8
Chapter 35: Valandur and the High King8
Chapter 36: Return to Vanyamar8
Chapter 37: New Duties9
Chapter 38: Loremaster, Spymaster8
Chapter 39: Conversation with a Master6
Chapter 40: A Secret Revealed7
Chapter 41: Interviews and Explanations7
Chapter 42: Convocation9
Chapter 43: Many Meetings13
Chapter 44: Epilogue: The Road Once More15

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