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A Holiday Feast  by Larner
An Advent calendar of drabbles for 2014. Bilbo Baggins intends to make the coming Yule unforgettable, snowing food and raining drink for the Yule feast he intends to share with all and sundry! Heh!
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Apples5
Chapter  2: Barrels of Beer3
Chapter  3: Cherries--and More!3
Chapter  4: Dumplings5
Chapter  5: Enough Eggs?5
Chapter  6: Fruit Salad5
Chapter  7: Garlands of Grapes2
Chapter  8: Hams5
Chapter  9: An Eye for Icing6
Chapter 10: Jellies4
Chapter 11: Krumkache5
Chapter 12: Leg of Lamb2
Chapter 13: Meatballs6
Chapter 14: Nuts6
Chapter 15: Olives and Onions4
Chapter 16: Pea Soup5
Chapter 17: Quick Breads5
Chapter 18: Roasts and Root Vegetables7
Chapter 19: Sausage6
Chapter 20: Taters6
Chapter 21: Upside-down Cake4
Chapter 22: Violets in the Midst of Winter6
Chapter 23: Wassail4
Chapter 24: Extras5
Chapter 25: Yule Blessings9
Chapter 26: Zero?5

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