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Flight of the Dunedain  by Halrohir Haladanion
The Grey Company has ridden south to Aragorn's side. But what of the North, with the Rangers gone, and danger creeping from the hills? The Dunedain who remain behind must defend themselves to the uttermost end of strength. This is the tale of the youngest Ranger who takes up the task and finds his destiny, and the steed which will carry them both to renown.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Ranger's Charge1
Chapter  2: The Ranger's Task0
Chapter  3: The Ranger's Trek0
Chapter  4: The Ranger's Steed1
Chapter  5: The Ranger's Haste1
Chapter  6: The Ranger's March3
Chapter  7: The Ranger's Council1
Chapter  8: The Ranger's Fight0
Chapter  9: The Ranger's Lead1
Chapter 10: The Ranger's Doubt0
Chapter 11: The Ranger's Dream2
Chapter 12: The Ranger's Tricks1
Chapter 13: The Rangerís Creed1
Chapter 14: The Rangerís Warning1
Chapter 15: The Rangerís Allies2
Chapter 16: The Rangerís Ride2
Chapter 17: The Rangerís Bridge1
Chapter 18: The Rangerís Starfire0
Chapter 19: The Rangerís Mistake 2
Chapter 20: The Rangerís Trials0
Chapter 21: The Rangerís Stand0
Chapter Epilogue 2: The Rangerís Star1

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