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The Michel Delving Mathom House  by Periantari

Summary: Boromir and Pippin have a conversation during the Quest.
A/N-Written for slightlytookish for Yule '05.

More than Meets the Eye

“You hobbits do give us many surprises,” Boromir said to Pippin one night before he relieved Pippin of the night shift watch. “First one volunteers to do the most impossible task, to your insisting upon sword training, to random hobbity tales that make the Company smile, to now hidden mithril coats from Frodo! What else do hobbits have in store for us, Pippin?” chuckled Boromir, glancing at Pippin with a new level of fondness and amusement.

“It’s nothing really, Boromir. I suppose you just don’t know much about hobbits before the Fellowship but indeed there’s more to us than food and pipeweed—though those are very much daily necessities,” Pippin’s green eyes sparkled as he grinned.

“It is quite amazing to me for Frodo to be able to withstand the power of the Ring…” Boromir’s voice drifted as he shifted a bit in his sitting position.

“Well it is evil, and yes, I worry for Frodo… just wish that I will be there for him at all times. Merry and Sam and I decided to follow him back in the Shire. We were so afraid that he’ll not allow us to be part of the Fellowship in Rivendell. I’m glad that Gandalf was on our side back then. We need to be with Frodo though, Boromir,” said Pippin in all seriousness. “Frodo is like a brother to us, so very dear to us, and we would never want him to go into danger by himself. I just hope that we can be helpful enough for he doesn’t talk much or wants us to worry about him,” Pippin said, trying to stifle a yawn but continued. “Hobbits aren’t the only ones impressive though, Boromir. We all find Gondorian men like yourself to be so very powerful and wise and strong...We frequently wonder how many wars you’ve seen, how much you know about the Enemy, what roads you’ve traveled, what legends and lore you know…”

Boromir gave a laugh and joked, “Is it only you doing the wondering, Pippin? You seem to be the most inquisitive one in the group, but I see that you also know how to praise as well I see! But I think you better sleep before we venture out again, Pippin. You look quite tired.”

Pippin blinked and yawned again. “Well, yes, hobbits do like sleep too and I do not think that’s a surprise, right Boromir? Funny that men ask so many questions as well though—I thought it was only the hobbits’ job!” said Pippin as he laid down upon his blankets and pillow.

“No, indeed not. Hobbits used to be just fairy tales to us, but they are now more than just tales from the past. A lot more now,” said Boromir.

“We are no fairy-tales—we’re short and we hide in holes underground but we do have wonderful ale and pipeweed and fun and good tilled earth…And besides, Bilbo, my elder cousin once dealt with Smaug, the dragon of the Lonely Mountain and did much to gain respect from elves and dwaves and men alike in his adventures--- we’re not that unknown, Boromir.”

Boromir smiled at the most loquacious hobbit, “Indeed not, Pippin—I’m sure that you would even become a great hobbit warrior after everything is done as well. Sleep well, Pippin,” Boromir said as he tucked Pippin into the soft blankets.

“Hobbit warrior? Sleep warrior more like it…”Pippin’s voice drifted. “Good night, Boromir.”

Boromir watched Pippin’s eyes quickly flutter close; a smile formed in Pippin’s face as he seemed like he was already on a cusp of a good dream.

“I’m sure you and your kinsmen will indeed do more great tasks to surprise us ere the end is upon us…” Boromir said softly to himself, glancing at the four hobbits in a row, the white light of the moon illuminating their innocent faces, seemingly to reflect that there is more to a hobbit than meets the eye.

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