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The Michel Delving Mathom House  by Periantari

Frodo seemed like he had awaken from a dream. He had remembered nothing that had happened.  He was in strange surroundings,  a floral scent flooded his senses as well as bright sunlight.   He looked up to a tan tent.  Suddenly, he realized his missing finger and the entire Quest and the remnants of memory flooded back to him.

Someone touched his hand gently and he turned to his right side.


“Yes I am here, and I’m glad that you are here as well.”

“Gandalf! But I thought you are dead. Does that mean I am dead as well and that we’re in heaven?” exclaimed Frodo.

“No, you are well and healed and soon we will have a feast for you, the king and the rest of the hobbits.”

“But how?” Frodo tried to sit up but he felt too comfortable lying down. “How, when? How did Sam I escape? Where is Sam?”

“Right beside you,” Gandalf gestured to the sleeping Sam in the next cot.  Sam had a bandage on his forehead but he seemed to be breathing evenly and in peaceful slumber. “Your success with the Quest was right in the nick of time for we could not last the onslaught of Mordor’s forces at the Black Gate. I rescued you with the great Lord of the Eagles and brought you safely from Mount Doom. You are in Ithilien now and our King has healed you. He has been here for long time and has tried hard to bring you back from the brink of death.  I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you during the most crucial time.”

“But you fell, Gandalf; I saw… it with my… own eyes,” Frodo stuttered, tears coming to his eyes.

“Yes, I did, but I am here now for you,” Gandalf held onto Frodo’s hand tightly. “You’ve gone through quite a lot, my dear Hobbit. I am proud of you for what you have done and for making it back.  All of Middle-earth will know about the resilience and bravery of hobbits.”

“I’m glad too, but I could not have done anything without Sam by my side.  But more importantly, are the others all right? Sam? Merry? Pippin? Strider? Legolas? Gimli?”

“Yes, they are fine, Frodo and they’ll be very glad you’re awake. Merry has been here earlier and now has gone for a rest; he has hardly left your side.”

“Now rest up again, and we have to make sure you’re up for the feast honoring you tonight.” Gandalf gave a glass of water to the hobbit who gladly accepted. Frodo felt the cool freshness of the water and reminded how much he missed these simple comforts.

The excitement of seeing Gandalf again and knowing that he was alive and well left Frodo overwhelmed enough to feel slumber once again.  For so long in Mordor, he had prepared to die but now, all that was sad was coming untrue.  Frodo let his eyes droop and soon he was dreaming peacefully.


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