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Or Perchance, When the Last Little Star  by Larner 17 Review(s)
AndreaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/31/2008
Great beginning!

Hurin is a remarkable man with many characteristics that make him loveable.
And Lynessë looks beyond his empty sleeve which makes her special compared to most of the other women present at the ball (including her mother!).

I'm looking forward to reading more!

Happy New Year 2009! (Only three and a half hours to go where I live.)

Author Reply: And now the next chapter is up and posted. Hope it pleases you!

I am liking Hurin more and more the more I write about him. Lynesse is a lucky woman!

FantasyFanReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/31/2008
I think I'm a little bit in love with Hurin myself after this. Strong and yet vulnerable, and oh so charming. I'll be looking forward to what you do with this story.

Author Reply: Am so glad you feel that way, too, FF. Indeed, strong and vulnerable simultaneously, and particularly noble in the best way possible.

SoledadReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/31/2008
Oh, how delightful! A Húrin romance! I'm so looking forward how this will progress. I like your take of Húrin. This is the great thing in fanfiction: to enjoy each other's point of view while keeping our own.

Author Reply: Yes, how it is that Hurin came to love Lynesse of Pinnath Gelin.

I, too, love how we can see the same story variously, and yet find all of them plausible and delightful!

Thanks so! Now, to get back to Halabor when I can--this past week has been overfull!

Szepilona10Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/30/2008
I just love reading about Hurin!

Author Reply: I am glad, and hope that this tale of the courtship of Hurin and Lynesse pleases!

Szepilona10Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/30/2008
Great beginning! Update soon please!
God Bless!


Author Reply: Give me a few days and I will! Thank you, Szepilona.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/30/2008
Oh, lovely, the back story to Hurin of the Keys marriage. Just what I needed after a day at the Mall of Doom! All is still chaos, the kitchen sink backed up, our dining room table has developed cracks and one of the kitts looks like she is going into heat at just barely 7 months, little hussy!
More please,

Author Reply: The Mall of Doom? Heh! I know how you feel! And the young maiden kitty is in her first heat? Alas--methinks she needs that trip to the vet's! Heh!

And this one has been working on me for a time, I find. If only I could get more chapters on my current stories finished!

And good luck with the table.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/30/2008 sweet! A romance for Hurin! Of course, having read "Keeper of the Keys" we know how this will go, but I must say this is a delightful beginning!

Author Reply: We know how it will end, but as to how it gets there--that could be another story!

Thanks so much, Dreamflower.

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