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Tales from Vair's Loom  by Fiondil 11 Review(s)
obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 13 on 2/12/2011
I had my suspicions about these instruments when the two men of the builder's guild had no idea what they were for. Elros obviously needed a strong nudge to do some life building. He seemed to be too occupied with building his kingdom and forgot about the rest of his life. Luckily he has some Valar watching over him.

Author Reply: Hi obsidianj. Yes, Elros needed a little nudge towards building a family, not just a kingdom. Luckily, as you say, the Valar had just the thing to make it happen. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I appreciate it very much.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 13 on 8/25/2010
If nothing else they would make great paper weights or he could use them for trophys or just leave them lying about to make his office look important!
Hm, as to the question as to wether Eonwe is espoused or not, I have a feeling he is one of those Maia who is too busy for marriage, though he does like a night out with the 'boys' on occasion!

Author Reply: I'm sure Elros found something useful to do with the instruments, or maybe his wife, Emeldir. *grin*

I don't really know if Enw is espoused or not. He's very tightlipped about it. In the original Lost Tales version of the Silmarillion, Enw was Fionw son of Manw who was in love with Arien, but I don't think that applies here.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/7/2010
Even if I hadn't remembered the name of Elros' wife, the way they meet somehow made me think at once there will come more of it *grin* How very fitting that they found together over books!

When I reached the end and realised just what "purpose" these instruments had I couldn't help but laugh aloud. These Valar are really such a devious bunch!

Um ... about that wedding gift ... why not the instructions to the instruments? *evil grin*

Author Reply: The Valar are very devious indeed, Kitty. I'm glad you got a laugh out of this and I like your wedding gift idea very much. *grin*

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 13 on 3/20/2010
Ah--how I appreciate the devious nature of the Valar here! Heh!

Author Reply: I'm glad you do, Larner. Thanks for letting me know.

TariReviewed Chapter: 13 on 2/19/2010
As soon as I saw that no use for the instruments could be found, I knew what was behind them. Sometimes the Valar are as bad as little children. I could use one or two myself. "grins"

What a delightful entry to Vaire's Loom this is.

Author Reply: Ah ha! So you figured it out before Elros and Emeldir did. *grin* I'm glad you found this a delight story, Tari. Thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate it.

ellieReviewed Chapter: 13 on 2/14/2010
forgot to say Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for the treat you wrote for your readers!

Author Reply: Happy Valentine's Day to you as well and you are most welcome. It was my pleasure.

ellieReviewed Chapter: 13 on 2/14/2010
Very cute! I liked the confusion over what the items were and what they actually did. I bet Aule had a blast making them. It was amusing watching the two enjoy their evenings together with the books. I do wonder what kind of convoluted gift Manwe will give to the newlyweds?

Author Reply: Hi, ellie. I'm sure Aul had more fun than any Valar has the right to have coming up with those instruments. *grin* As for Manw's gift... I have no clue, but I'm sure Varda had a few ideas of her own in that regard. *LOL* Thanks for reading and reviewing. I greatly appreciate it.

ParmalokwenReviewed Chapter: 13 on 2/13/2010
Theory 1:
Eonw, you moron, you threw out the instruction manual!
Theory 2:
The instruction manual fell out and got mixed in with the books.
Theory 3:
Eonw handed Elros a box of otherwise useless junk with intent to induce a collision with an unsuspecting adaneth.
Ahahahahaha! What an elaborate matchmaking scheme. This is the sort of Valarin meddling that I like!
Happy Valentine's Day, Fiondil.

Author Reply: Obviously theory 3 is the winner. *LOL* A very elaborate matchmaking scheme but just the sort of thing the Valar like to do: achieving their goals through indirect means. I'm glad you like this kind of Valarin meddling. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it. And Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Parmalokwen.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 13 on 2/13/2010
I see Eru is drawing straight with crooked lines again!
I think Manwe had too much fun with this, so did Aule!
Poor Eonwe is the last to know, again!
Happy Valentines day!

Author Reply: Happy Valentine's Day, Lynda! Yes, this is an instance of Eru drawing straight with crooked lines and I think you're right that Manw and Aul had too much fun with this. Enw, of course, was just the messenger and probably didn't know at first what it was all about until after he'd given Elros the instruments.

KayleeReviewed Chapter: 13 on 2/13/2010
Atar Fiondil! *hugs* Happy Valentine's Day! It's still the 13th here for me, but this was a very lovely story. I recognized Emeldir from "Tenn'Ambar-Metta" as soon as she was mentioned and immediately squealed's a good thing I'm alone in the house today!

Ha! Devious Valar and, do you know yet if Eonwe is espoused? Inquiring minds want to know!



Author Reply: Hi, Kaylee. I'm glad you found this a lovely story. Thanks for letting me know. As for Enw... I haven't a clue. That's one secret he doesn't share with me, yet. *grin* Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.

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