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Tales from Vairë's Loom  by Fiondil 11 Review(s)
SunnyReviewed Chapter: 13 on 2/13/2010

There are more kinds of "building" than mere piling stones upon one another. ;-)

But if certain of those devices might be found to have another function, well even the Valar might subscribe to the old adage of "Waste not, want not".
The use of such things as micrometers or spirit levels might not be obvious to someone from a society with a medieval level of technology. And something like a slide rule (stone age tech today) might well be considered magical!

Author Reply: That's true, Sunny, and the kind of building that Elros needed to deal with was the building of his dynasty. As for the instruements themselves, who knows what they truly were, but I'm sure the enterprising Númenóreans found some use for them. *grin* Thanks for reading and reviewing. I greatly appreciate it.

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