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Tales from Vairë's Loom  by Fiondil 12 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 32 on 6/15/2011
As was stated, we all grieve differently. Who's to say Gimli's spirit did not appear to Legolas. Perhaps Iluvatar willed it so in order for Legolas to finaly come to terms with his loss and be able to move on.

Author Reply: Very true, Tari. And who is to say that Ilúvatar didn't do as you suggest to help Legolas to come to terms with his loss and move one? It's as plausible an explanation as any. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I really appreciate it.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 32 on 6/2/2011
For immortals to appreciate the endurance of the mortal spirit is perhaps difficult, I suppose. But Gimli understands his friend in ways they do not. Irmo's advice is excellent, by the way!

Author Reply: Hi Larner. Yes, I imagine it would be difficult for most Elves to appreciate this and certainly Gimli would understand Legolas far better than even someone like Elrond or Gandalf. Glad you think Irmo's advice excellent. Of course, it remains to be seen if they actually follow it. *grin* Thanks for reading and reviewing. I appreciate it very much.

RhyselleReviewed Chapter: 32 on 5/19/2011
This was just lovely, Fiondil.

I can totally understand Legolas' frustration with everyone trying to "distract" him from his mourning. When my mother went West, I was so busy with dealing with the legal and property matters that I was unable to mourn immediately after her death. It several months later that I really was able to begin to process my grief, and some well-meaning folk kept telling me that I "should be over it" by that point in time.

Yes, let Legolas mourn at his own pace. Even if it is a more "mortal" style of grieving. It occurs to me that because Legolas chose to spend most of his last century in Middle-earth with mortals, that he became habituated to the way that mortals lived--the faster pace, the way they interacted... and the way they grieved.

I did notice how you sneaked in the fact that Bilbo and Frodo had definitely pre-deceased Gimli; in fact, had been gone for some time before Legolas had sailed, as you mentioned that their friends only visited their gravesite on the anniversary of their deaths. There's been some intriguing conversations about just how long they would have lasted on Tol Eressea, based on the information we have from Professor Tolkien on how mortals would be affected by living in the Undying Lands.

I think that I lean towards the side that Gimli's spirit is still hanging about the tomb, even though Irmo and Olorin couldn't see or sense him. He is not an elf, after all, and Professor Tolkien's writings on the afterlife of Dwarves don't rule out the possibility that they might hang about their burial places. (Hmmmm. That might also be part of why Moria is so horrible... all those murdered Dwarves...) Perhaps Aule would have seen Gimli, had he been there. :)

Finally, since the Elves don't know that they will be reunited with the other Children of Illuvatar at the ending of the world--many don't even seem to have the belief that all will be reunited, Elf, Man, Dwarf, at the end of all things--no wonder that Legolas' grief is so profound. And even those who do believe that there must be something for the Elves beyond the ending of Arda, almost everyone else in Valinor and Tol Eressea have not built relationships with the few mortal blessed to come there, and so don't have the same need that Legolas does to know that a reunion is possible. Hmmm. I need to do some more thinking on this. There you go, Fiondil... your fics don't only give me enjoyment; they take my mind onto different paths of contemplation and thought.

An excellent addition to the Tales, dear friend. Thanks for sharing it.

Author Reply: Hi Rhyselle. Well, as anyone who's grieved, there is no schedule or timeline. Grief has its own season and its length is depended on the individual. I know it was almost a year after my mom died before her death became 'real' for me and I could begin to move forward.

I suppose I should've been more consistent with a previous story "Somewhere I Have Never Traveled" in which Frodo and Sam make a deal with Namo to stick around until Gimli and Legolas arrived, but I'd forgotten about it and I've decided not to change it. I think I'm allowed some inconsistencies in my stories (certainly Tolkien had plenty); they don't always have to coincide. *grin*

Anwway, your analysis about the Elves and their own lack of knowledge of what will happen at the Remaking and how that might affect them is very astute. I'm glad my stories not only entertain but make you and other readers think about things they normally wouldn't.

Thanks for taking the time to read and review. I really appreciate it.

galathilReviewed Chapter: 32 on 5/18/2011
This bought tears to my eyes,I love this chapter. It would serve the others right well if Gimili came and spoke to them,the look on their faces would be priceless.He!He!
Love Galathil

Author Reply: Hello galathil. I'm glad you liked this story. And that would be pretty funny to see, Gimli coming back from the dead and giving the Elves what-for on Legolas' behalf. LOL! Thanks for taking the time to read and review. I appreciate it very much.

Erulisse (one L)Reviewed Chapter: 32 on 5/18/2011
Fiondil, how much I truly loved this. I am surprised, however, that Lord Irmo and Olorin, when they had shed their fana, were unable to see Gimli's essence still in the glade. But I am glad that Legolas can take the time needed to pull away from his best friend in a gentle manner. My tears are just envy that I did not have that opportunity. Thank you, my friend, for this tale.

- Erulisse (one L)

Author Reply: Hi Erulisse. I purposely made the ending ambiguous: was Gimli really there in spirit, or was it all in Legolas' mind? So when Irmo and Olórin shed their fanar, maybe there was nothing there for them to see, or maybe they just didn't notice. Anyway, I'm glad you loved this story. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it very much.

CaunedhielReviewed Chapter: 32 on 5/18/2011
That was beautiful :)

I have tears pricking at my eyes now, Oh you can feel how much legolas misses his friend, how much he misses talking to him.

So sad but truly beautiful


Author Reply: Hello, Kim. I'm very glad to know you enjoyed this story so much. Thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate it.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 32 on 5/18/2011
I see nothing wrong with talking to the dead or having a conversation with them, sometimes they are the only people who understand you.

Everybody greives at his own pace, Legolas and Gimli have been together for over 120 years, a very long time for a mortal and an Elf and now he is gone and Legolas does not have the comfort of knowing that sometime in the near future he will be Re-born. Gimli is gone and until the Remaking of Arda he is not coming back.

I think Olorin and Elrond and his friends need to back off a little and let Legolas greive at his own pace, putting restrictions on his visits, although done with the best intentions, is not the right thing to do. As Irmo points out Legolas is a little better each time he comes back, so quit with the pretty, though empty headed, ellith and let him get on with it his own way!

Perhaps the Hobbits graves are only visited once a year because their friends miss them so much and this is a way to cope with missing them?


Author Reply: Hi Lynda. Well, we Mortals see nothing wrong with it and many people do take the time to visit a cemetery and talk to their loved ones, but for Elves, they wouldn't understand the need. And you may be right about why the Hobbits' graves are not visited as often. It's one thing to know that a loved one will eventually be returned from Mandos but it's another to know that someone will never return at all and that particular grief is probably more poignant for Elves than for Mortals.

Thanks for reading and reviewing. It's much appreciated.

FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 32 on 5/18/2011
This is really a beautiful and touching story. Every person deal with grief at his own pace and time. Some people get comfort in visiting a tomb, other in placing flowers at home and other will move on and so on. What is true, is that time is the only thing that helps, it sounds so an empty phrase when is said, but it is so true.
Lovely story, I thought that Namo might have a different POV, maybe he can actually see Gimli.

Author Reply: Hi Fantasia. I'm glad you found this a beautiful and touching story. I purposely did not have Námo in this story since he deals with the dead and Legolas is still living, and that's why Olórin went to Irmo for advice. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I really appreciate it.

Lynn HReviewed Chapter: 32 on 5/18/2011
Only second place? Amazing! This is so real!

Author Reply: Thanks, Lynn. There was a lot of competition for this challenge, so I'm happy to have placed at all.

ellieReviewed Chapter: 32 on 5/18/2011
I feel so sorry for Leggy here. he is suffering and grieving and so many folks just don't get it as far as how he has chosen to grieve and go on so to speak. I really enjoyed the conversation he had with Gimli. This story is so sad and very well done.

Author Reply: Hi Ellie. I'm glad you enjoyed this, especially Legolas' conversation with Gimli. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

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