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On the knife’s edge  by Laikwalāssź 50 Review(s)
elizaReviewed Chapter: 12 on 7/26/2017
Oy Vey, talk about having a bad day. Wife mad at you, best friend angry and paralyzed and kids injured and meddling in-laws. lol. great chapter Lai, great chapter. One thing that was really interesting was how even in the midst of all "heck" breaking loose, Elrond still managed to find a light moment with Tinar.

can't wait to see how this plays out.

Author Reply: Elrond has really much on his plate and his wife would do good to support him. Even Elrond has his limits and they would do all good to remember that. I fear how this will play out. LOL! Thank you so much for your lovely review, eliza. Lai

SemmleyReviewed Chapter: 12 on 7/26/2017
Lai, I am enjoying this story very much. You have woven the direct influence of the Valar, dicey rescues, explosive family dynamics, Glorfindel's paralysis and glory, even the Eagles play their part, into a well written whole. Celebrian's bond with the twins has her sick with worry, no wonder she is angry when Elrond shuts her out; it is good he is having doubts about the matter. Love that bit about "the Lorien lot." BTW will Asfaloth be resurrected by the Valar?

Author Reply: thank you so much for your appreciation. It means a lot to me. I“m always aiming at showing emotion as real as possible and obviously I habe done something righ, but there is good stuff to work with, eh? I have other plans with Asfaloth but something that will maked Glorfindel hopefully also happy in the end. Love and thanks for reviewing, Tina. Lai

EllieReviewed Chapter: 12 on 7/25/2017
Poor Elrond! Everyone is after him for something! I hope he gets a break eventually, but I bet it takes a long while.

Author Reply: I fear you are right, Ellie. There will be a long way home and many perils along the way. Elrond will need a real long holiday after all this. Thanks for your lovely review. Lai

AmberReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/16/2017
Just found this story but am very glad to see it. I can't wait for the epic blow up between Elrond and Celebrian.

Author Reply: you are welcome. I“m glad you like my story and really appreciate your review. The blow up will come, I promise. LOL! Lai

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 11 on 7/9/2017
Poor Celebrian, it appears she needs as much emotional healing as the rest need physical healing.

What a courtesy to the dead companion of Glorfindel. This would mean much to the warrior.

Oh my! :)

Author Reply: much healing needed all around, yes. I understand Celebrķan“s anger, but also Elrond“s argument“s. There is much talk needed. Oh my, ideed. LOL! Thank you for your lovely review, shirebound. Lai

elizaReviewed Chapter: 11 on 7/8/2017
A storm indeed. Great chapter Lai, very nice seeing the family dynamics going on here. Boy talk about horrible weather, and definitely didn't see the Eagle coming, definitely a surprise.
Now I wonder if Galadrial and Celeborn are going to step back and let Elrond and Celebrian have a go at each other? lol, if I was Glorifendel I'd stay unconscious for a while

Author Reply: thank you so much, eliza. I“m gald the family emotiond came through believable. For Celeborn and Galadriel holding back I can promise nothing yet. LOL! A good advice to Glorfindel even if Elrond would not agree with you. Thanks for a much appreciated review. Lai

elizaReviewed Chapter: 10 on 7/4/2017
lol, boy the youngin's (Elrond and Celebrian) are having a rough day aren't they.
just goes to show you that no matter how old we get some times our parents still need to set us straight.

Great story Lai, really enjoying the interactions between the entire family.

Author Reply: yes, they have I dread when Elrond learns that Celebrķan is at the camp and when she is meeting her husband - huh, much trouble ahead. Wise parents are always needed, regardless the age and race. I“m glad you like my family interactions. It“s great fun to write. Thank you so much for a most appreciated review, eliza. Lai

KathReviewed Chapter: 10 on 7/4/2017
Just to say how much I am enjoying this story. Lovely to read fiction about the twins when they were young. Great tension between the adult relatives! Looking forward to the next chapter.
Thank you!

Author Reply: I“m happy you are enjoying my story. Elrond and the twins are my favourites and writing about elflings is additional fun when strong emotions are involved. The next chapter is already on the way. Enjoy! Lai

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 10 on 7/3/2017
Galadriel is wonderfully wise and strong. Celebrian definitely needs tough love right now so she can help, not harm, everyone's concentration and tasks.

Author Reply: Elrond will need every support he can get and his wife would do good to follow her mother“s advice. Her rejecting attitude is not helping matters. Thanks for a most appreciated review, shirebound. Lai

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 9 on 6/23/2017
I can't take much more of the suspense! *frets*

Author Reply: you stand in a long row - I“m hard working on the next chapter but unfortunately there is always this real life...LOL! Thanks for your lovely review, shirebound. Lai

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