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Phantasm  by lovethosehobbits
While attempting to climb Carhadras, Frodo is increasingly tempted by the ring. After a major accident a strange being comes to his aid, but is she friend or foe?
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Trials and Tribulations5
Chapter  2: The Lady or the Tiger1
Chapter  3: Friend's Found2
Chapter  4: Torn in Two2
Chapter  5: Questions Asked5
Chapter  6: Spellbound5
Chapter  7: Trust Not One Night's Ice3
Chapter  8: Yet Hope Remains While the Company is True4
Chapter  9: Rescue7
Chapter 10: The Wolf at the Door6
Chapter 11: Fever Pitch4
Chapter 12: Phantasms3
Chapter 13: The Choices of Master Frodo6
Chapter 14: The Battle4
Chapter 16: Epilogue5
Chapter Author's Notes: Chapter 12b Tempers Flare (an author's note)4

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