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The Findaráto Diaries  by Fiondil
A hundred years before Glorfindel was released from Mandos, Finrod Felagund, once King of Nargothrond, was reborn to walk with his father in Eldamar. This is his story. A companion tale to Elf, Interrupted. As always, my sincerest thanks go to Alassiel for the beta.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Death Is but the Beginning18
Chapter  2: The Beauty of the Night13
Chapter  3: Star of Hope14
Chapter  4: Facing the Darkness9
Chapter  5: Trouble Brewing15
Chapter  6: After the Storm11
Chapter  7: Departure and Arrival13
Chapter  8: First Day in Lórien13
Chapter  9: Horseshoes, Not Swords12
Chapter 10: A New Friend9
Chapter 11: On Trust and Innocence13
Chapter 12: Basket Weaving and Other Princely Pursuits12
Chapter 13: Glorfindel12
Chapter 14: Man Sad Dorthathon?8
Chapter 15: The Healing Hands of the Harpist5
Chapter 16: At the Great Gates of Return9
Chapter 17: Crossing Eldamar10
Chapter 18: Home Again12
Chapter 19: Confronting the Past10
Chapter 20: Warrior Braids6
Chapter 21: Hunting5
Chapter 22: Confrontation10
Chapter 23: A Prince in Flight8
Chapter 24: Into the Mountains8
Chapter 25: Recuperation7
Chapter 26: Petitions and Apologies7
Chapter 27: Herendil5
Chapter 28: Invitation to a Wedding6
Chapter 29: Presentation of the Heir6
Chapter 30: The New Year Ball6
Chapter 31: Seeking Glorfindel4
Chapter 32: Haunting the Gates6
Chapter 33: Beneath a Star-strewn Ocean6
Chapter 34: Summons8
Chapter 35: Holding Court 7
Chapter 36: Lady Amarië Returns7
Chapter 37: The Final Summons13
Chapter 38: Character List5

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