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Swan-song  by Lady Bluejay
Nearing the end of her life LothÝriel looks back over the memorable times during her reign as Queen of Rohan. Joy and heartbreak, life has been bitter-sweet. The final story on the Tide of Destiny series. Now complete.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Prophesy Part I2
Chapter  2: Prophesy Part II2
Chapter  3: Prophesy Part III2
Chapter  4: Prophesy Part IV1
Chapter  5: Lost Part I2
Chapter  6: Lost Part II1
Chapter  7: Lost Part III1
Chapter  8: Lost Part IV3
Chapter  9: Celebration Part I1
Chapter 10: Celebration Part II2
Chapter 11: Celebtation Part III2
Chapter 12: Celebration Part IV2
Chapter 12: Confession Part 13
Chapter 14: Confession Part II0
Chapter 15: Confession Part III1
Chapter 16: Confession Part IV1
Chapter 17: Unity Part I0
Chapter 18: Unity Part II0
Chapter 19: Unity Part III0
Chapter 20: Unity Part IV0
Chapter 21: Revelation Part 13
Chapter 22: Revelation Part 22
Chapter 23: Revelation Part III2
Chapter 24: Revelation Part IV0
Chapter 25: Revelation Part V3

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