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No Greater Love, Part Two: Repercussions  by MJ
The day after Olórin's final Reckoning, the other residents of Valinor react to what was revealed, and unexpected reactions are uncovered. Directly follows events of Part One. In progress. Finally continued!
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: I: Family Breakfast4
Chapter  2: II: Unsettling News4
Chapter  3: III: Brothers Abroad5
Chapter  4: IV: Smaller Matters6
Chapter  5: V: Evening Council3
Chapter  6: VI: At the Faire4
Chapter  7: VII: Through a Glass, Brightly4
Chapter  8: VIII: Dinner and Deviousness6
Chapter  9: IX: Before the Dawn3
Chapter 10: X: The Court of the Ainur Begins4
Chapter 11: XI: Plans Unfolding5
Chapter 12: XII: Waiting for Answers3
Chapter 13: XIII: Still Waiting3
Chapter 14: XIV: Enquiring Minds4
Chapter 15: XV: Close Encounters3
Chapter 16: XVI: Curiouser and Curiouser4
Chapter 17: XVII: Unraveling Threads7
Chapter 18: XVIII: Where Many Paths and Errands Meet5
Chapter 19: XIX: Expect the Unexpected5
Chapter 20: XX: Complications6
Chapter 21: XXI: Questions and Answers?6
Chapter 22: XXII: Friends and Family6
Chapter 23: XXIII: A Merry Meeting5

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