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The Journey Home  by Fiondil 647 Review(s)
KevanaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/8/2013
Poor fellow must have a heart as heavy as the Chernobyl elephant's foot. I know so well that seeking forgiveness is hard but carrying that anger and hurt with you is even harder. Journeys can be healing for all that they're frightening and I wish him well in this one. It's good to know he won't be alone. I bet it won't be the same Maglor we see here who finally gets where he's going, by one path or another.

I loved the descriptions of no-longer-Minas-Tirith and the state of Middle Earth, as sad as it is to see things worn down by time and glaciers.

Your lagniappe for today is a picture of Elros. No, not that Elros. An Internet friend of mine is a professional falconer and one of her birds is named Elros. I think he rather fits it, especially because he's a cross between two types of falcons (LOL). And because he's drop-dead gorgeous. I want to steal Elros.

While we're talking Tolkien-named animals, have a picture of my ball python, Leuca, in a dogwood tree. She is a very gentle "worm" and of no relation to Morgoth's worms. *grin*

Thank you for the update and have a lovely day.


Author Reply: Hi Kavana. I very much doubt the Maglor we see now will be the Maglor we will see at the end. At least I hope not.

Glad you enjoy the descriptions of the state of Middle-earth. As you will see in subsequent chapters I tried to imagine what the ice age and other natural catastrophes might have effected the topology of Middle-earth after all this time.

Thanks for the links and thanks for reading and reviewing. It's greatly appreciated.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/8/2013
Oh, I can so understand his anger at his brother, if not for his insistance he might have been able to return to Aman and his Amme. I get the impression that he blames his brother for the death of his other brothers. His reluctance to reconcile with the Twins is understandable, they were the babies of the family and he and his brothers would be expected, at least by their Amme, to watch over them.

I wonder if the Wise Woman was inspired to help him?

Why is he in such a hurry, other than to get it over with?

Waiting for Monday.


Author Reply: Hi Lynda. Maglor has a lot of anger in him.

I'm sure the Wise Woman was acting as an advisor just as she would for any member of her clan. And I'm sure Maglor just wants to get it all over with, hence his haste to reach Imladris. It makes little sense, but he's not thinking rationally anyway.

Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it.

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/8/2013
*settles down happily to read the chapter*
A very good chapter, this. Here we learn just what motivated Maglor to start the journey north: he wanted to _cease_, and we learn that he had attempted a number of times to commit suicide. Not that he managed it - and _we_ know that it was Maiar, on orders from the Valar, who ensured his lack of success.
Speaking of which - I find myself juuust a bit suspicious of the old woman who told him to ask forgiveness of persons who he might have wronged, or that has been part of his life, especially as she perceived that he was not like her people.
But for whatever reason he decided to follow her advice - so here he is, more or less psychoanalyzing himself. And it clearly has an effect. The session when he confronted Maedhros clearly shows that, and Maglor's anger, so long buried, clearly came as a shock to the ellon. And I can understand his anger - it was after all Maedhros who persuaded Maglor to go along with the theft of the remaining two Silmarils.
Hmmm - I wonder if some Maiar - or perhaps a Vala, one that presumably likes rainbows, is helping things along here?

I like the idea that Maglor occasionally visited - sort of - Imladris. I do wonder what Elrond would have done if Maglor had been discovered when "spying" on the valley?

Author Reply: Hi Sunny. Glad you enjoyed the chapter. And the old woman was probably just what she appeared to be. After all, even Mortals have their own brand of wisdom and Maglor certainly needed some advice then. And all that anger and self-loathing has to be dealt with, and we see how that anger manifests itself when he actually confronts it probably for the first time in his long life.

And maybe he's getting some divine help along the way. Certainly we know he's being watched over.

And I'm sure Elrond would've welcomed him warmly. Probably Elron even knew Maglor was there through the power of his ring but respected him enough not to seek him out.

Thanks for commenting. It's very much appreciated.

CairistionaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/8/2013
Ah, I hoped it would be Maglor they'd be rescuing. Though I didn't know if you ever would, I've been waiting for you to write an extended version of Maglor's redemption since reading "Alone" in your Tapestry series. This is just as achingly beautiful so far as the short tale, and I'm very much looking forward to savoring the rest of the story as it unfolds.

Author Reply: Hi Cairistiona. I know a number of people have been waiting to see if I would do an expanded version of the short story. I'm glad you are enjoying this version so far and looking forward to the rest. Thanks for letting me know. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to do so.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/8/2013
“Life is a gift,” the old woman had said as the two of them sat before the entrance of her tent. “It can also be a burden. If you are determined to this course, then you must make it less burdensome.”

That's one of the wisest things *any* of us can learn.

This is such an important journey -- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually -- and I suspect he will be a different person at the end of it.

Author Reply: Hi Shirebound. It is a wise thing that we can all learn and the physical journey Maglor and the others are taking is probably less important than the spiritual journeys they are on, though they may not realize it at this time. I have no doubt Maglor will be a different person at the end of it (and so will the others).

Thanks for leaving a review. I really appreciate it.

CelethReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/8/2013
Thank you for the new chapter! I'd been peeking in the last few days, hoping for it, and now finally its here.

Hmm, I somehow suspected it would be Maglor, but I wasn't really sure :-)

By the way, I do believe you've lived in Middle Earth for a long time, you are so familiar with the geography of the land, even when its all covered by ice...

Author Reply: Hi Celeth. I post on Mondays and Fridays.

As for my familiarity with the geography of Middle-earth, a very good atlas does help. *grin*

Thanks for reviewing. I appreciate it very much.

Ilya of AewellondReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/8/2013
Another amazing chapter! I feel very sorry for Maglor, having to go through all this just so he can let himself die. Hopefully the other Elves will find him before that happens. Not entirely sure why he thinks he needs Feanor's forgiveness- it should be the other way around! Is the crone really a Mortal, or Someone else in disguise?

Author Reply: Hi Ilya. I'm sure he feels that it is safer to ask for forgiveness than to demand it. He might have had a lot of anger toward his father that needed to be addressed. And the crone was probably a Mortal. After all, even Finrod acknowledged that Andreth to ba Wise Woman of the Edain and respected her for her wisdom, so there's no reason to think that the crone wasn't who she appeared to be.

Anyway, thanks for reading and reviewing. I appreciate it.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/8/2013
Figured it had to be Maglor, but am still pleased to be right. You have fooled me before. Very moving chapter. Poor Maglor has so many individuals to remember. Good descriptions of the horrible weather conditions. This story has wonderful potential. Thanks, as always.

Author Reply: A number of people have wanted me to write a "Maglor goes home" story and this is what I've come up with. I hope it does not disappoint. And having lived (and still live) through any number of blizzards, I had no problem describing the weather here. *grin* I'm glad you found the chapter moving, UTfrog. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

LaikwalâsseReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/6/2013
uh, a new story and such a intriguing one! I must admit I had to look first who Denethor was but now I´m on board and eagerly looking forward whom they have to rescue and bring home. I have some suspicions but let´s see. I will have a lot to read to catch up with EA and to follow this lovely story but that´s a really bearable burden...*g*. Lai

Author Reply: Hi Lai. Denethor, of course, is an OC as are all those who join him in his quest to find the Exiled One and save him. I'm glad you are looking forward to seeing whom they have to rescue and bring home. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

galathilReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 2/5/2013
Hi Fiondil;I ask my self how did I miss this chapter. Answer I don't know.Have read and am hooked,about to read the next chapter.It will be interesting,to see who the Valar send (Wish we where having a "little bit" of snow and ice instead of this heat wave Australia)to meet with The Elf. I have my own opinion on who our elf is,be interesting to see if I'm right.Off to read the next chapter.LOL Galathil

Author Reply: Hi Gaalthil. Possibly because I just posted this chapter, as this is a new story. And I would rather take the heat wave then the snow and ice that I have to deal with any day of the week, trust me. *grin* Hope you enjoy the story. THanks for reviewing. I appreciate it.

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