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The Journey Home  by Fiondil
Sometime after the end of the Fourth Age there was an Ice Age, destroying the great civilizations of Middle-earth. Unfaded and with nowhere else to go, an Elf walks out onto the ice seeking death, but finds something else instead. My thanks to Alassiel and Ellie for the betas and to Sunny for her suggestions and support. This one is for you, my friend.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: A Conversation Among the Valar11
Chapter  1: The Dream18
Chapter  2: The Choice21
Chapter  3: Journeying20
Chapter  4: The Road to Imladris20
Chapter  5: The Baranduin13
Chapter  6: The Journey North10
Chapter  7: Along Lake Nenuial15
Chapter  8: Annúminas11
Chapter  9: Tûm Ivon15
Chapter 10: Moving On15
Chapter 11: Race to the Emyn Beraid16
Chapter 12: The White Towers15
Chapter 13: Mithlond9
Chapter 14: What They Found20
Chapter 15: A New Companion14
Chapter 16: Discussions12
Chapter 17: Taming15
Chapter 18: Insights13
Chapter 19: Approaching Storm15
Chapter 20: Hunkering Down21
Chapter 21: Opening Old Wounds16
Chapter 22: Return to Mithlond16
Chapter 23: A Brother’s Farewell12
Chapter 24: Settling In11
Chapter 25: Mapping 12
Chapter 26: Hunting11
Chapter 27: Hunted16
Chapter 28: A Desperate Run13
Chapter 29: Recuperation14
Chapter 30: The Long Winter13
Chapter 31: Of Harps and Other Matters10
Chapter 32: Moving On to Mithlond9
Chapter 33: Journey to the Sea15
Chapter 34: Renouncing the Oath16
Chapter 35: Aftermath13
Chapter 36: The Journey Continues15
Chapter 37: Arrival18
Chapter 38: Alqualondë 12
Chapter 39: Tirion-on-Túna12
Chapter 40: The Road to Valmar12
Chapter 41: The Halls of Oromë18
Chapter 42: Máhanaxar16
Chapter 43: Epilogue: Another Conversation Among the Valar28

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