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When the King Comes Back  by shirebound
A “Quarantined” sequel. Frodo and Aragorn are injured in an explosion, leaving Bilbo, Halbarad, and the Gamgees with some unexpected challenges and decisions. Minor angst, fluff, puppies... the usual!
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Welcome Guests33
Chapter  2: Market Day30
Chapter  3: Taking Charge24
Chapter  4: A Small Complication25
Chapter  5: Assessing Hurts21
Chapter  6: Shards of Memory23
Chapter  7: Concerning Dwarves24
Chapter  8: Reassurances19
Chapter  9: Breakfast in Bed19
Chapter 10: Conversations21
Chapter 11: A Breath of Fresh Air23
Chapter 12: New Strength, New Life24
Chapter 13: Tales and Tails21
Chapter 14: Epilogue: Their Wicked Ways20

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