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A Centenary of Special Significance  by Baggins Babe
King Elessar is due to celebrate his one hundredth birthday in Rethe 1431. With the Travellers unable to go, must the King celebrate this most special birthday without a few hobbits to help? Or is this a chance for others of the Shire-folk to show their quality? Chapter 11. It's the day after the party and time for some discussions.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: "Someone Ought To Go!"6
Chapter  2: Setting Out8
Chapter  3: Big Folk and Little8
Chapter  4: Understanding Erithain10
Chapter  5: Fathers and Sons9
Chapter  6: A Legend Come To Life12
Chapter  7: Letters Home10
Chapter  8: In the Courts of Kings9
Chapter  9: Morning Encounters8
Chapter 10: A Long - Expected Party10
Chapter 11: Making plans, making friends.7

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