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The Vault of Annúminas  by shirebound
A “Quarantined” sequel. Was it only a dream, or has Frodo glimpsed an ancient secret? Join Frodo, Aragorn, and Elladan on a journey to the ruins of Annúminas, to uncover the truth.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: An Elven Encounter30
Chapter  2: An Unexpected Invitation20
Chapter  3: An Enduring Hope19
Chapter  4: The Hospitality of Hobbits18
Chapter  5: A Perspective on Elves20
Chapter  6: A Glimpse of Distant Lands21
Chapter  7: The Bounds16
Chapter  8: Lake Evendim19
Chapter  9: A Cup of Stars22
Chapter 10: Fun and Games13
Chapter 11: Behind the Curtain16
Chapter 12: Behind the Door20
Chapter 13: Gems from the West21
Chapter 14: Aragorn15
Chapter 15: A Bit of Magic17
Chapter 16: Forever and Ever25

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