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The Last Messenger: A Tale of Númenor  by Fiondil
Twenty-four years before the Downfall, Isildur lies near death after stealing a seed of the White Tree, Nimloth, and the Valar have sent a lone elf to the island on one final mission, a mission that may very well cost him his life. Features Laurendil from Elf, Interrupted. Thanks to Alassiel as always for the beta. MEFA 2008: Honorable Mention: Second and Early Third Age(General).
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: In the Gardens of Lórien8
Chapter  2: In the Hall of the Elder King6
Chapter  3: Many Meetings4
Chapter  4: The Order of the White Stone5
Chapter  5: At the House of Lord Amandil6
Chapter  6: The Intentions of Maidens3
Chapter  7: Voyage to Khibîlhazid4
Chapter  8: Dulgâban5
Chapter  9: The Shipwright's Granddaughter2
Chapter 10: Margileth5
Chapter 11: Inside the Morimindon9
Chapter 12: Escape9
Chapter 13: In the Valley of Tombs5
Chapter 14: Eärnur’s Tale4
Chapter 15: Leaving the Valley3
Chapter 16: Sacrifice5
Chapter 17: The Journey South5
Chapter 18: The Mystery of Nindamos5
Chapter 19: The Grey Ship6
Chapter 20: Et Eärtumnallon9
Chapter 21: Márienna7
Chapter 22: Return to Aman4
Chapter 23: Epilogue: The Laying Down of Authority8
Chapter Author's Notes: Chronology and Character List0

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