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Promises Broken and Kept  by Periantari
Merry goes through a tough time with Frodo away from Buckland and even though Frodo writes to Merry often enough, Merry gets sad and lonely, gradually falling in sickness. Frodo comes to nurse him better and makes a promise that he can keep. Written for the Frolijah Challenge 2008 for Dreamflower.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Author's Notes1
Chapter  1: Good-bye Merry1
Chapter  2: Letters and Loneliness1
Chapter  3: The Race1
Chapter  4: Worse2
Chapter  5: Nightmares and reprieve1
Chapter  6: Assurances1
Chapter  7: Promises Broken and Kept1
Chapter Epilogue 2: Reminiscing1

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