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Estel Counts  by Larner
Since There and Back Again has offered no Advent Calendar challenge, I find I must craft my own. Young Estel of Imladris counts his blessings.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: One6
Chapter  2: Two11
Chapter  3: Three7
Chapter  4: Four5
Chapter  5: Five7
Chapter  6: Six7
Chapter  7: Seven9
Chapter  8: Eight6
Chapter  9: Nine6
Chapter 10: Ten8
Chapter 11: Eleven4
Chapter 12: Twelve9
Chapter 13: Thirteen5
Chapter 14: Fourteen4
Chapter 15: Fifteen6
Chapter 16: Sixteen6
Chapter 17: Seventeen7
Chapter 18: Eighteen8
Chapter 19: Nineteen11
Chapter 20: Twenty5
Chapter 21: Twenty-one6
Chapter 22: Twenty-two6
Chapter 23: Twenty-three6
Chapter 24: Twenty-four8
Chapter 25: Twenty-five17

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