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Dreamflower's Mathoms III  by Dreamflower
My third anthology of shorter stories, ficlets and vignettes. NEW!#30--"On the Job Learning": Merry's new nursemaid must learn that her job is more than just taking care of the baby. Sometimes it's letting someone else do that job. (A young!Frodo and wee!Merry fic written for the January 2017 Potluck Challenge.)
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Kindly Little Soul5
Chapter  2: One Great Leap5
Chapter  3: The Clayhanger-Took Nuptials3
Chapter  4: Fatal Attraction3
Chapter  5: Their Other Loves4
Chapter  6: Even the Very Wise Cannot See All Ends4
Chapter  7: Deal With It and Keep Walking7
Chapter  8: There is Always a First Time5
Chapter  9: An Evening with the Maggots4
Chapter 10: Old Friends and New3
Chapter 11: Baking Day at Brandy Hall5
Chapter 12: Waking Day5
Chapter 13: What the Heart Knows6
Chapter 14: Rounded Up in the Woods3
Chapter 15: The Music of the Land4
Chapter 16: Rained In4
Chapter 17: Conversation in the Sun6
Chapter 18: A Hobbit Walking Party6
Chapter 19: The Labourer is Worthy of His Hire6
Chapter 20: An Evening at Whitwell5
Chapter 21: The Poem4
Chapter 22: Gabriella's Story25
Chapter 23: The Price of the Shire6
Chapter 24: Nothing So Mortifying5
Chapter 25: Great Souls7
Chapter 26: Thain Peregrin's Very Large Birthday Gift7
Chapter 27: Eucatastrophe: The Welcoming Feast5
Chapter 28: Holewarming Gift2
Chapter 29: Neekerbreekers4
Chapter 30: On the Job Learning3

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