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Adventures of an Éored: Sins of the Father  by Katzilla
Part of "The Way of a King/ Young Éomer Chronicles", and an ongoing serial. Which were the incidents that shaped Éomer son of Eomund, the Mark's 18th king, into the man we met in "Lord of the Rings"? Chapter 16 up: "Closure". COMPLETE
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: A Hero returns3
Chapter  2: Friction3
Chapter  3: Elfhelm's Tale2
Chapter  4: The Blood of Kings3
Chapter  5: Thunderstorm3
Chapter  6: Lost3
Chapter  7: The Chase2
Chapter  8: Alone2
Chapter  9: An Unexpected Encounter2
Chapter 10: The River's Edge3
Chapter 11: Found4
Chapter 12: Aftermath1
Chapter 13: Unfavourable Circumstances1
Chapter 14: The Heart of Darkness3
Chapter 15: To the Rescue2
Chapter 16: Closure3

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