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Celeritas' Birthday Bash 2011  by Celeritas
A compilation of ficlets written by the author on the occasion of her birthday, according to the requests of her friends and acquaintances.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Author's Notes and Prompts2
Chapter  1: Jealouser - for Dreamflower3
Chapter  2: Boromir's Education Begins Early - for Marta5
Chapter  3: Prickly - for Antane4
Chapter  4: Breakthrough - for GamgeeFest5
Chapter  5: Kidnapped! - for Linda Hoyland6
Chapter  6: Strange Solitudes - for GoldVermilion5
Chapter  7: An Inspired Plan - for Larner2
Chapter  8: Hard to Get - for Rey3
Chapter  9: Chasing Uncertainty - for Kaylee Arafinwiel2
Chapter 10: Wise/Weak - for Adonnen Estenniel4
Chapter 11: Uprooted - for Armariel4
Chapter 12: Overgrown - for Cathleen2
Chapter 13: More Riddles in the Dark - for Captain Facepalm5
Chapter 14: Interrupted? - for Pearl Took2
Chapter 15: Owl Post - for Thundera Tiger4
Chapter 16: Fair Game - for Harrowcat3
Chapter 17: Dost Thou Know Who Made Thee? - for Sally2
Chapter 18: Neither Rock Nor River - for Periantari4
Chapter 19: Felagund, the Urban Planner - for Rhyselle4
Chapter 20: Denial? - for all2

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