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A Long and Weary Way  by Canafinwe
After fifteen years of fruitlessly searching for the creature called Gollum, Gandalf forsook the hunt. Though Aragorn persevered for a time, tracking his quarry on the marches of Mordor, he too despaired at last and began his homeward journey...
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Wasted Years9
Chapter  2: Separate Roads4
Chapter  3: Into the Shadows3
Chapter  4: Mercy in Mordor3
Chapter  5: The Empty Pass3
Chapter  6: A Spot of Luck3
Chapter  7: Beneath the Ephel Dűath4
Chapter  8: A Web of Darkness3
Chapter  9: Spider-Shadows4
Chapter 10: Down the Long Stairway3
Chapter 11: The Flowers of Morgul Vale4
Chapter 12: Fruitless Days2
Chapter 13: An Unwilling Guest3
Chapter 14: The Fruits of Failure6
Chapter 15: The Dead Marshes3
Chapter 16: A Prize Hard-Won3
Chapter 17: Of Clemency and Necessity3
Chapter 18: Into the Emyn Muil4
Chapter 19: Onward and Upward3
Chapter 20: Respite from Toil3
Chapter 21: The Safer Path3
Chapter 22: Down to the River4
Chapter 23: Over, Under and Through4
Chapter 24: The Thaw5
Chapter 25: A Man in the Hay4
Chapter 26: Falling Out5
Chapter 27: Retribution4
Chapter 28: Strange Eyes3
Chapter 29: Limlight3
Chapter 30: A Lunatic Quest3
Chapter 31: The Border-Watch6
Chapter 32: Guarded Rest4
Chapter 33: As Needs Must2
Chapter 34: The Hospitality of Lothlórien8
Chapter 35: Silent Sedition3
Chapter 36: Birthday, Precious5
Chapter 37: Who Crosses the Ice5
Chapter 38: Too Clever a Waterman3
Chapter 39: Stark Survival7
Chapter 40: Nine Strokes5
Chapter 41: No Game4
Chapter 42: A Shift in the Wind3
Chapter 43: Blessings of Kementári4
Chapter 44: Roosting in a Storm6
Chapter 45: Over the Road and Up to the Town3
Chapter 46: The Baker and the Ferryman4
Chapter 47: A Beggar at the Door5
Chapter 48: Kindly Lodgings5
Chapter 49: The Wanderer's Tales4
Chapter 50: Making Ready5
Chapter 51: The Eaves of Mirkwood3
Chapter 52: Harried and Hunted7
Chapter 53: Hobbled5
Chapter 54: The Dark Before Dawn8
Chapter 55: The Last Mile12
Chapter 56: Safety and Slumber8
Chapter 57: Hurts Unseen8
Chapter 58: The Depths of the Earth15
Chapter 59: The Wizard and the Weakling10
Chapter 60: Words for Posterity9
Chapter 61: Water in the Wilderness8
Chapter 62: Spiraling Rhetoric7
Chapter 63: Fishing6
Chapter 64: Conflagrations and Conjurations11
Chapter 65: Garbled Truths7
Chapter 66: Prospects of Healing7
Chapter 67: Finery, Flattery and Flight8
Chapter 68: Westward Away6
Chapter 69: Repayment in Kind12
Chapter 70: Anduin Again11
Chapter 71: The High Pass10
Chapter 72: A Last Bitter Blow12
Chapter 73: Choicest Misfortunes 11
Chapter 74: At Journey's End13
Chapter 75: Gentle Wisdom8
Chapter 76: Glad Company11
Chapter 77: The Questions of Master Baggins10
Chapter 78: Where the Trees are Grey7
Chapter 79: Children of Lúthien11
Chapter 80: Revelries in Rivendell10
Chapter 81: The First Debate7
Chapter 82: Toils to Come17

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