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All That Glisters  by Lindelea
In the year King Elessar rode north, to dwell for a time by Lake Evendim, word of the Thain's treasure-hoard was heard beyond the Bounds of the Shire, and trouble followed. (From Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, II. vii: "All that glisters is not gold; / Often have you heard that told. / Many a man his life hath sold / But my outside to behold. / Gilded tombs do worms enfold.") Thanks to all who've taken the time to read and comment.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Signs of Warning6
Chapter  2: Old Enemies, and New3
Chapter  3: Stuff and Nonsense6
Chapter  4: Truth and Consequences8
Chapter  5: Midnight Arrival8
Chapter  6: In the Grip of Misfortune5
Chapter  7: Into Darkness6
Chapter  8: On the Wings of a Song7
Chapter  9: Resting Places3
Chapter 10: Diamonds4
Chapter 11: Dawning Realisations5
Chapter 12: Best Laid Plans6
Chapter 13: The Hunt5
Chapter 14: Fox and Hound5
Chapter 15: Taut as a Bowstring3
Chapter 16: The Dark before the Dawn8
Chapter 17: Fighting for Breath4
Chapter 18: Should I Die Before I Wake...1
Chapter 19: A Matter of Business4
Chapter 20: Clearing the Air4
Chapter 21: Laying Uneasy Spirits to Rest5
Chapter 22: Sleeping Half the Day Away7
Chapter 23: To Meet Once More10
Chapter 24: When in Rohan...13
Chapter 25: Conversation, Polite and Otherwise4
Chapter 26: In the Hands of a Healer9
Chapter 27: Not So Bad, Really6
Chapter 28: News to Keep6
Chapter 29: Leave-taking5
Chapter 30: Hidden Treasure6
Chapter 31: Fighting Fire with Fire7
Chapter 32: Sweet Draughts and Savoury Biscuits6
Chapter 33: Fireside Conversations6
Chapter 34: Food for Thought6
Chapter 35: You Can Lead a Pony to Water4
Chapter 36: Spilling Forth8
Chapter 37: Awakenings4
Chapter 38: Bed and Breakfast6
Chapter 39: Of Draughts and Dreams5
Chapter 40: Courage is Found...7
Chapter 41: Deep in the Heart6
Chapter 42: Making Progress5
Chapter 43: Never Judge a Flask by its Cover7
Chapter 44: Questions and Answers5
Chapter 45: Something to Remember Him By7
Chapter 46: Making Merry10
Chapter 47: Life and Death and Somewhere Between5
Chapter 48: Of Picnics and Party Games4
Chapter 49: Hide and Seek3
Chapter 50: Steps and Mis-steps6
Chapter 51: Difficult Choices6
Chapter 52: Still Waters, Running Deep4
Chapter 53: Comfort and Joy7
Chapter 54: All the King's Horses8
Chapter 55: A Choice to Consider6
Chapter 56: Considering Choices7
Chapter 57: Thoughtful Conversation8
Chapter 58: Picnic Breakfast7
Chapter 59: Kidnapped!5
Chapter 60: Over the River and Through the Wood5
Chapter 61: ...And All the King's Men4
Chapter 62: Waiting for the King6
Chapter 63: Growing Clarity5
Chapter 64: Tea, that Soother of All Ills5
Chapter 65: Early Morning Cheer5
Chapter 66: The Eyes of the Queen6
Chapter 67: Before the Face of the King7
Chapter 68: Trial by Conscience8
Chapter 69: Decision Made5
Chapter 70: Trial by Law5
Chapter 71: Of Endings and Beginnings5
Chapter 72: Epilogue10
Chapter Author's Notes: Footnotes and Cross-references5

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