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Choices  by Laikwalâssê
Elrond lies at death’s door and must decide whether to pass on and rejoin his beloved Celebrían or fight to return to his friends and family remaining in Middle Earth.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: announced, yet unexpected guests1
Chapter  2: tragedy1
Chapter  3: hope destroyed1
Chapter  4: path without light1
Chapter  5: got you2
Chapter  6: unexpected help1
Chapter  7: endurance1
Chapter  8: reaching home1
Chapter  9: bad news1
Chapter 10: painful awakenings and surprises1
Chapter 11: strange places2
Chapter 12: troubled homecoming2
Chapter 13: Lost1
Chapter 14: lead on and I will follow you1
Chapter 15: follow the road and do not falter1
Chapter 16: not all hope lost?1
Chapter 17: epilogue2

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