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B2MeM 2011: Haradhrim Nights  by Mirach
The adventures of Captain Thorongil under the hot sun of Harad. Only time and the challenges of B2MeM will tell where the desert wind will blow him...
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Dancer2
Chapter  2: Beautiful Death3
Chapter  3: Red Rose3
Chapter  4: Lengthening Shadows4
Chapter  5: Silence5
Chapter  6: Night of the Dancing Death5
Chapter  7: Stranger3
Chapter  8: Green Memories5
Chapter  9: Tracks in the Sand5
Chapter 10: The Wrath of the Desert3
Chapter 11: Sacrifices3
Chapter 12: The Lady5
Chapter 13: Black Eyes3
Chapter 14: Jackal and Lion5
Chapter 15: Eat Like There's No Tomorrow3
Chapter 16: Dance of Blades3
Chapter 17: Starry Night2
Chapter 18: The Sun is Rising2
Chapter 19: Meetings and Partings3
Chapter 20: Old Man's Decisions4
Chapter 21: East and West3
Chapter 22: Dangerous Names2
Chapter 23: Two Faces of One Tower1
Chapter 24: Vulture and Eagle2
Chapter 25: Broken2
Chapter 26: The Captain Is Dead, Long Live the Captain2
Chapter 27: Trial by Fire3
Chapter 28: The Letter3
Chapter 29: Darkest Night3
Chapter 30: The Last Haradhrim Night4
Chapter 31: Epilogue7
Chapter 32: Bonus chapter: Reunions10

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