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Eleventy-one Years: Too Short a Time   by Dreamflower
For one-hundred-and-eleven years, Bilbo Baggins dwelt in Bag End, in Hobbiton of the Shire, save for a brief journey into the Wide World. This is his story. Book One: The First Fifty Years.NOW COMPLETE!
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue3
Chapter  1: Coming into the World 6
Chapter  2: Encounter, part one4
Chapter  3: Encounter, part two5
Chapter  4: Turning Three4
Chapter  5: Lessons5
Chapter  6: Consequences4
Chapter  7: Task Accomplished4
Chapter  8: Twenty-one4
Chapter  9: There Came an Early Snow5
Chapter 10: When Winter First Begins to Bite5
Chapter 11: When Pools Are Black and Trees Are Bare3
Chapter 12: The World Was Grey 5
Chapter 13: Over Snow by Winter Sown4
Chapter 14: Tidings: An Interlude4
Chapter 15: A Gleam of Good Hope5
Chapter 16: Beware the Wolf in Darkness Born, part 14
Chapter 17: Beware the Wolf in Darkness Born, part 23
Chapter 18: The Wood Was Burning Fast, and the Snow Still Fell2
Chapter 19: When Winter Comes Without a Spring5
Chapter 20: Deep Roots Are Not Reached By the Frost5
Chapter 21: You Are Cordially Invited 3
Chapter 22: Afternoon at the Great Smials5
Chapter 23: On the Giving of Wedding Gifts5
Chapter 24: One Eye on the Mirror as You Watched Yourself Go By2
Chapter 25: Two Days Before the Wedding2
Chapter 26: Highday Before the Wedding3
Chapter 27: The Wedding3
Chapter 28: Cousins and Calamities2
Chapter 29: Fireworks and Forgetfulness5
Chapter 30: Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn3
Chapter 31: A Ramble Under the Stars 3
Chapter 32: Harvest Time3
Chapter 33: Rory3
Chapter 34: Coming of Age (part 1)3
Chapter 35: Coming of Age (Part 2)4
Chapter 36: Hopes and Dreams3
Chapter 37: Standing Witness for the Groom3
Chapter 38: Farewell to Bungo3
Chapter 39: Family Matters3
Chapter 40: Educating Otho3
Chapter 41: A Day in the Life4
Chapter 42: A Mother's Work is Finally Done3
Chapter 43: Lobelia (part 1)3
Chapter 44: Lobelia (part 2)3
Chapter 45: The Green Door6

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