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Changes and Acceptances  by Mirkwoodmaiden
It's little Elanor's birthday and all the Fellowship have travelled to the Shire to celebrate. Both Frodo and Arwen are finding their choices made during the Ring War difficult to live with. Consumed with guilt Frodo finally makes a decision. Arwen is slipping further and further away from Aragorn. A few AU elements. Angst in places, hopefully humour in others! Revised a few chapters! Hope everyone enjoys!
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Sun Star3
Chapter  2: Together again3
Chapter  3: Emotions Arise3
Chapter  4: Renewal in a Shire Spring2
Chapter  5: The Green Dragon Awaits2
Chapter  6: Of Cures and Competition4
Chapter  7: An Honour Bestowed2
Chapter  8: Truths are spoken3
Chapter  9: A Heart Laid Bare2
Chapter 10: Three Prayers to the Valar2
Chapter 11: What grace is given me...1
Chapter 12: Changes1
Chapter 13: Namarie4

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