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Seeing Isn't Always Believing  by shirebound
A series of short, unrelated ficlets originally posted on LiveJournal. Most are very gentle and healing hurt/comfort for various characters. NEW: Aragorn is tended in Rivendell by four very determined healers.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Seeing Isn't Always Believing11
Chapter  2: Treasures5
Chapter  3: Stubborn As Can Be15
Chapter  4: The Best We Have14
Chapter  5: Healing Hands17
Chapter  6: Trust11
Chapter  7: Half Elven16
Chapter  8: Finding Peace15
Chapter  9: Feeling Safe11
Chapter 10: Touch9
Chapter 11: Like Home12
Chapter 12: Battles Won and Lost19
Chapter 13: Master Back-Walker13
Chapter 14: Took Blood7
Chapter 15: A Warm Sun Shining13
Chapter 16: Just a Dream6
Chapter 17: The Debt6
Chapter 18: Healing Takes Many Forms7
Chapter 19: Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands9

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